Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eat, Wake, Sleep...oh my!!!!

Okay so I have taken everyone's advice, skimmed through my baby wise book, and decided I CAN do this!!!! I figured out that Noah is on a good schedule of feeding every 2-3 hours so that is one good start, however I had the whole wake then sleep thing backwards! So today I am going to start working on feeding, then keeping lil bit awake, then getting him to sleep! It is already 10:30 am and I plan to start after the next feeding in an hour! I used my time this morning while he was sleeping to skim over the baby wise book.

Plus, I feel better b/c I looked at Noah's feeding habits at night and he usually feeds at the same time, granted I wish he would go longer between feedings, but hopefully doing this will help! I never knew this would be so hard. If I did I would have read the stinkin book while I was pg and prepared myself. Plus, if you are pg read up on breastfeeding and baby wise NOW!!! Don't wait!!!! B/c even though I know I can't go back I wish I was more prepared for breastfeeding, b/c I think I would still be breastfeeding now. A few tips I learned was: DO NOT let the nurses talk you into giving your baby a bottle in the hospital or a nipple guard! Mine did and I think Noah got used to the nipple guard and getting his food fast! Go ahead and rent a pump ahead of time and last but NOT least get help from others so you can rest. B/c exhaustion truly is the number one reason women stop breastfeeding. Be prepared to work hard!!!! Okay that is just what I learned!!!

Well, pray for me please!!! And pray for Noah too!!! I hope this works!!!


shauna said...

The first few months after you have the baby are really tiring. Even after I moved here to Ga (Jakob was 6 months old!!!) I had the doctor check my iron because I felt *so* tired. Everything was fine, it's just that having a baby waking up in the middle of the night makes you really tired. Once Noah hits around 12-13 lbs. he will be able to go longer between feedings. That is when the doctor told me to try letting Jakob cry it out because he didn't need to eat every 2 hours. When you have baby number 2 definitely get a breast pump, and get a good one! (if I ever get to have number 2 I plan on it too) Once the baby gets used to that breast milk he won't want anything else. Jakob took a bottle for the first 2 weeks of his life, and I think it actually helped him learn to latch on, but it was breast milk, so when I finally got to go home he nursed very well (much better than the first few days before the bottle). The good part is you're learning, and next time around you will feel more prepared and ready to try breast feeding again. Noah is healthy and beautiful, so don't beat yourself up about it!!! Will be praying that you get a good schedule down.
Love ya <3

Susie Wilkens said...

Good for you! I will pray for you today!
Now let go of the guilt!! Stop worrying about not breast feeding!
You love your baby and are doing a great job!!!
You are a wonderful mother in the 99.9% of Mom's..
Your baby has two loving parents and many more who love him..
Don't let yourself fall into feeling like a bad parent because you are giving your baby a bottle..
Best to you,


The Patterson's said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. You were given some great advice on your last post. I just didn't have time to comment, but I totally agree with everyone there. I was so frustrated with Drake's eat/sleep schedule (or lack thereof) when he was Noah's age, but now he is a great sleeper! Here's another website on Baby Wise/Baby Whisperer - http://www.babywisemom.com/

Amber said...

Good luck girl I know you can do it!

Birdee said...

I pray you find as much comfort and peace as I did using baby wise as I did. You are so right, it's still hard, but having structure makes the hard not so overwelming.
And when he throws you off, just tell yourself "That's okay, I'm the mom, I'll just gently re-direct him or start over tomrorrow".
Because some days, It just gets all out of wack. It's normal and okay.

Carey and Jon said...

OOhh hopefully you get a good system down!

Tell me more about this babywise theory? It says eat, play then sleep? Caleb hasn't slept for more than 4hrs at night and I really want to get him to sleep more before I go back to work!