Sunday, June 27, 2010

Days 3 and 4!!! And today so far (day 5)

Day 3 almost kicked my BEEEHIND!!!! Thankfully, Todd's mom was over and helped out. Noah was fussy ALL day! He would NOT sleep unless you were holding him and most of the time he was wiggly and didn't really sleep. Poor thing was soooo tired. I guess he was either having a growth spurt or was just not feeling well. Needless to say babywise went out the window on day four b/c when my baby finally slept I let him!!!!!! He needed it soooo much!

Day four was a busy day. I had a hair appt. and so I loaded lil bit up and took him to my parent's house. Then he got to meet his great aunt and his cousins!!! Then we went home to spend time with his aunt and other cousins....went out to eat with Todd's fam to celebrate father's day...then went back home for some icecream cake!! It was a busy..busy..busy day! But somehow this child ate like a champ and slept ALOT!!! He was making up for yesterday!

So far today I have been amazed! Noah woke up and I changed his diaper first b/c it was a stinky one..HA!!! He tinkled everwhere!! Poor thing even sprayed his face!!! I hate to say that I laughed!!!Hehe!! So I through my now wet comforter on the floor and stripped Noah out of his wet clothes. I finished changing his diaper and then wrapped him up in a blanket to feed him! I swear I wash my comforter like every couple of days due to these "spray bys". I fed him a few ounces and then maggie decided she needed to go out...happens everytime!! I begged her to wait :D while I changed Noah into new dry clothes!!! After I took maggie out I finished feeding Noah b/c he seemed to want some more! He started to doze off so I wrapped him up and put him in his bassinet. I knew it would only be a matter of minutes before he would wake up again so I was just waiting for it. But nothing, he went to sleep on his own! I put him in his bassinet and he was awake...but drowsy and BAM I checked on him a few minutes later and he was asleep! I could have screamed I was so psyched, but I just did a little happy dance instead!!! And he has been sleeping for about an hour...YAY!!!

I know I didn't exactly do it the exact baby wise way, but it is working and he is going almost 4 hours between feedings at night. Sometimes he wakes up after 3, but I will take that anyday over every two hours!!!!! I have tons of pics from our day out so I will post them in another post, this momma is going to enjoy this quiet time and catch up on some much needed reading of my favorite celeb magazines!!!


shauna said...

Yay! Noah's getting a schedule going for himself :) Glad that things are going better and you're getting some rest. It's really hard when you're sleep deprived and have a helpless little baby who needs you. Can't wait to see pics! <3 love ya!

Melissa said...

Good for you and good for Noah!!

Birdee said...

Yay-Yay-Yay! I'm doing a happy dance in my chair for ya!

Alissa said...

So happy to hear he is going longer stretches during the night for you! You are figuring out what works best for Noah and that is the most important thing!! :-) Just wait, once you have this stage figured out he'll start on solids and it'll all change! LoL...but it's a great adventure and won't be like this forever!

Just remember you are a great mom because you are trying so hard!! Its great to laugh at those peeing all over the place moments (and everything else!), it makes life a lot easier!