Thursday, June 24, 2010

Days 2 and 3 babywisin' it!!!

Day 2 went well! We are still having troubles with napping. Noah has gotten used to being held or sleeping in his boppy on the couch (while I am right there to watch him). So I try to get him asleep and put him in his bassinet. Usually within 10 minutes he wakes up. Sometimes I can get him to nap for an hour, but that is rare unless I am holding him. I have started this habit and I feel bad b/c I took his first soother to sleep away (his bottle) and now I feel like nothing else soothes him. I know I am suppose to be teaching him to self soothe, but he is 5 wks old so that has been difficult. I am not sure how to do this...any suggestions for a five wk old?

On the evening of Day 2 Noah was more fussy than normal. Usually he is fussy in the evenings, but I could NOT get this child to sleep!!!! I think I had overstimulated him during the day and then with him not napping well, I think he was just over tired and irritated!! And on day 2 I started a bedtime, which right now I am not abiding by b/c today was well..I will get to that!!! I am trying to get him in bed by 8 or 9. That gives me more sleep and him too!!

Onto today, day 3!!! What a day!!! I had my doctor's visit and I knew this would throw the schedule off. We fed Noah before we left and then tried to keep him up while driving to the appt. Which is HARD b/c every baby sleeps while riding, or atleast I know I did!!! haha  He fell asleep after a few minutes awake so we went with it! Then when we got to the doctor's office Noah had a hissy fit. He was crying and we couldn't console him. He settled down a little bit and I went back to be cked out. Poor Todd was stuck in the waiting room and I could hear Noah crying all the way back in the office while I was being cked. Todd decided to feed Noah a bit early and it worked. He was content and happy after that. So I guess he was just hungry?? Who the heck knows..haha!!! It had only been an hour and a half after his first feeding that morning, so either he was hungry or he was tired and wanted that bottle to help him sleep. My child is stubborn and very strong willed already :D We went to eat lunch and Noah was still asleep and slept until we made a quick stop for more formula. It was time for him to eat again so we just chilled in the parking lot while I fed him and then I tried again to keep him awake...NO LUCK! He was out within two minutes and I was shaking loud toys and everything trying to keep him up!!! We got home and he was fussy again! After trying everything from rocking to walking around, I turned on the vacuum cleaner and it was like a magic sleeping pill b/c he dozed off. Of course, once we turned it off and put him in his bassinet (not in that order of course) he woke up! So we held him again and turned on the "sleeping machine". He slept and then woke up ready to eat! Todd let me nap so he told me Noah was fussy after his waketime and wouldn't nap, so we fed him again and he was hungry b/c he took 3 ounces! Maybe he is having a growth spurt!

I am starting over again tomorrow and here are my questions for all of you baby wise women!!!
  1. How do I get Noah to nap in his bassinet and not in my arms?
  2. How do I soothe this child without using the bottle! I have tried rocking, noise, singing, swaying, swings, bouncy seats, etc. Noise and rocking works but once I put him down he wakes up!!!
  3. Should I buy the nap nanny? Does it make him feel like he is being held?? Anyone love or hate it??
  4. When I go out and Noah eats before we leave what do I do to keep him up while riding? Do I just start the wake time when we arrive somewhere and then go from there??
Thanks for any help :D I am working hard and hoping this ends up working out!!! It sometimes seems like I am being mean by keeping him up and then I HATE him struggling to nap! And I HATE not being able to figure out how to console him during his fussy time at night. Oh and I do use gas drops so I don't think it is gas related. Plus we are on alimentum formula so there better not be any gas problems..HA!!!


Melissa said...

Does he wake up when you put him down even if he is swaddled? I was wondering if he startles himself awake.
I have a white noise machine that I love. Its Conair brand and I got it online from Target. If you get one just make sure it actually has a "white noise" sound...some of them don't and just play ocean waves, birds etc...
I think 5 weeks is way to young for him to sooth himself to sleep. Try swaddling (don't know if you have done this). We didn't get Cassie to self-sooth till 6 months or a bit later. We would lay her down in bed after her bottle..she would be tired but not asleep, she would cry a little bit but would put herself to sleep. You for sure can't expect that from Noah yet...way to young.
I don't see how you can force a 5 week old to stay up...he is going to win that battle Hee hee!! Eat, sleep poop..and when he wants to sleep thats what he is going to do. Again, I think he may have to be a bit older to try to keep him up.
Hang in there!! Its a lot tougher being a Mommy and trying to figure everything out. It will get easier with his eating and sleeping...I think he just has to get a bit older.

Amber said...

You are doing great! I wish I would have started Babywise a little earlier than I did, but I just loved holding my baby when he was sleeping. :-)

Are you swaddling Noah? I think that helps babies because they are so close and warm. We swaddled during naps and at night until about 3.5 months, but many people do it longer.

As for getting him to sleep in his bassinet, when you start to notice his sleepy cues (yawn, rubbing eyes, fussy, etc.) put him in the bassinet. There were times when Drake was in his swing and his eyes almost closed that I would grab him real quick and run him up to his crib.

Have you tried giving him a pacifier? (I can't remember.) We also started giving Drake a "lovie" about this time and now it soothes him.

I'm not sure about the Nap Nanny since I haven't used it, but my first thought is no. It looks like one more thing you have to transition him from later.

I think it's tough to go out and try to keep him on a schedule. As he gets older, he won't always fall asleep in the car. One of us pretty much stayed at home when we were trying to get him on a really good schedule.

And, don't get too stuck on your schedule because I felt like once I got him on a good one, things changed. Now, Drake will nap 2-3 hours at a time at daycare which means he's eating every 4 hours, but at home he doesn't tend to nap that long. Sleep and eating are very frustrating, but it will all come together.

ssw said...

I've been reading your blog for a while. I am a firm believer in Baby Wise and used this book so much with my two kids. You're on the right track--it will take time to get the routine down. Have you tried swaddling him to take his naps? My kids only slept good when they were cuddled or when their arms were snug near their body. Maybe this would help with his naps!

Susie Wilkens said...

ok - I hope this helps...
Think about falling asleep on the couch - or some place other than your bed..and something wakes you do you feel? I know how I feel, cranky and I don't fall back asleep very easy. If I lie down in my own bed,fall asleep and wake up..I am much more likely to fall back asleep!
You REALLY need to put him down awake!!!
It is sooo hard to keep him awake at this age after eating..but you need to get him in the habit of falling asleep in his crib or bassinet..on his own!! I did this from the day I brough my kids home from the hospital!
Do not put him down asleep, if he wakes up he does not and will not know how to put himself back to sleep..
You can wait until he is almost asleep to put him in his crib...he might cry..but just put his paci in or rub his back...
I did this with all three of my kids and they were all sleeping through the night 11pm -6 am by the time they were 10 weeks..
They were also taking 3 hour naps during the day! This might seem harsh and it is NOT easy at first..especially if he is strong willed..
But just try it..
Hang in there - it gets easier..even if this method does not work for Noah..something will..
Even with the worst gets better as they get older!!
Your doing a great job..

shelly said...

Hey, when my boys were little, we especially had a hard time getting Ryan to take longer naps and couldn't figure out why and one day we decided to put him on his tummy to sleep just to see and he took a 3 hour nap. I know doc's say to only lay them on there back but I am sure you are always nearby to check on him, I would try it, if that what will make him sleep. Everybody I know has always put there babies on there tummy to sleep, I think they like the feel of the front of there body snuggled against the bed maybe. I know I like to sleep on my tummy, so give a try and see if it helps!

Heather said...

Have you tried a pacifier at all?

Amber said...

I could so say some of these exact same things. Morgan is also having some issues with going to sleep in her bassinet because she always falls asleep in my arms. On a few occassions we have put her in and turned on her music that is on her bassinet and that has put her to sleep but honestly she usually has to be in a deep, deep sleep before I can put her down without her waking up. If you find any solution to this please let me know :)

Ive never heard of the nap nanny but now Im going to have to go look it up

We havent gone many places but everytime we go in the car Morgan also falls asleep I just dont see how in the world you can keep a young child up in the car.

You are doing a great job keep it up and I know it will get easier for both of us :)

Melissa said...

Hi Dana!

We are working through Babywise right now and it is tough. The hardest part for me is getting him to go to sleep on his own in his crib. Sometimes I end up rocking me to sleep. As for the nap nanny I love it! This is what Grayson takes his naps in. I put it inside his crib and he sleeps GREAT. It elevates him and I think this is why he likes it. Best of luck and I enjoy reading your recaps. Have a great weekend!

The Sherrill Family said...

You are doing great!!

Self soothing devices - white noise machine, pacifier or thumb, lovely, swaddle.

The book The Happiest Baby on the Block talks about the 5 s's - swaddle, sucking, swinging, shushing, side (head on arm, patting back - I have a picture with R doing this early on). See link -

I didn't read much else from that book, but those techniques were definitely helpful.

The cheat swaddle thing - swaddleme was really great for our little escape artist.

I'd agree with putting your baby down awake/drowsy. We were doing that early on and it was great. Noah might startle at first, but if you do it consistently for several naps/nighttime he'll eventually get the idea.

It's hard not to want them to sleep in your arms, but in the long run it will be much more beneficial to both you and Noah.

I've never heard of anyone I know using the Nap Nanny. I'd say try some other stuff, if that doesn't work, maybe invest in one to see. I'd try the other things first though.

Oh - with the putting him down. For R I put her in my arms (head at the crook of my arm, facing my body) and sing to her. I do one rendition of Jesus loves me. Then on the second one, I start transfering her to her crib. I keep singing and get softer and softer. After I'm done, I tiptoe out of the room. It's worked pretty well unless she startles. Now I can put her down with her eyes open, hand her the lovely and she'll go to sleep on her own.

Also - you could try a lovely or small blanket (think 10 inches). You try to make it smell like you ahead of time - sleep with it, carry it close to your skin, so then when Noah feels it/smells it, it'll smell like mama.

With the schedule and traveling in the car, when R was that little I would just try to time things so that I'd take car rides when I know she'd need to nap. It is REALLY hard to keep a baby awake in the car. There are babies who scream bloody murder for car rides, so in your case, sleep is something to be thankful for.

You're doing a great job Dana. Seriously. I know it is hard. But you'll get there. Each day that passes you understand Noah more, you gain more confidence and you adapt.

Praying for you. BIG HUG.