Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day One

Yesterday went good! Besides the fact that I was EXHAUSTED from sleeping a total of about 3 hours the night before and only getting a 45 minute nap yesterday...I think we did good for our first day of eat/wake/sleep training!! It was a little hard to keep lil bit awake after a bottle so I would strip him down, change his diaper...and I practically stood on my head to entertain him, HA!!!! We used the play gym alot and everytime I got on the floor to play with Noah, Maggie would bring me her toy so I had to throw her toy too!!! I felt like I had two kids!!! After lunchtime I started to breakdown from exhaustion and called Todd crying and begging him to come home (it was his 14 hour day). No such luck! But thankfully, my momma came over after work and brought me dinner and took Noah for a while! I was so glad to not only have the best company, but to get a break too! And she washed all of the dishes and bottles that had piled up! She stayed here til after 8 pm and that is tough b/c this woman gets up at 4 am to go to work! What a great mommy!!! I hope I can be like her with Noah!!!!

Onto lastnight!!!! Noah did great he slept for 3 hours one time, then got up at 3 am and I didn't think he was going back to sleep, he had spit up and seemed gassy, so I gave him some gas drops and he went back to sleep. Then slept for three more hours..YAY!!! Maybe this thing is working, uh oh I spoke too soon. He is crying and it is his sleep time...only 10 minutes in...gotta go!!!!

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Amber said...

Yeah for 3 hrs of sleep! I hope today goes even better and you are able to get some sleep girl! I wish we lived closer to each other and I would be happy to help you out :)