Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I feel like a NEW woman!!!!! Let me recap the past couple of wonderful days!!! On Monday Todd came in and I was soooo exhausted and done, so I gave him Noah and headed upstairs for a very long very hot shower! It was just what I needed b/c I couldn't remember the last time I showered, brushed my teeth, etc!!! Needless to say I needed a "mommy break" and Todd was so happy to have daddy time with Noah. After the shower I felt more like me and less like a cavewoman..hehe

Then Todd took that night's shift with Noah and I slept for over 6 hours straight...I mean like in a row!!!!! YAY!!!! And it is crazy b/c my mom senses are so in tune that I heard Noah cry twice that night and I was upstairs! So I woke up rejuvenated and with Todd's help we cleaned the house! It had gotten pretty bad...I mean trash piled up with stinky diapers and bottles everywhere and bibs and burp clothes...oh my!!!!

Later that day Todd's mom and dad came over and watched Noah while Todd and I had a date night! And yes it was hard to leave him, but we just left and I knew he was in good hands with his grandparents. And of course, they spoiled him rotten!!! I only called home twice :D Todd and I went shopping for a bit and I got some sundresses to hide this baby bump I am still carrying around. I bought like four of them in every color :D Then we went to eat Japanese..our favorite lately and had the best time! It was so nice to just get out and hang with my sweety! Of course, we talked about Noah alot..HA!!!

Then Todd's mom (aka Nanny) stayed the night and took that night's shift with Noah! So this girl got two nights in a ROW of sleep!!!!! I am on cloud nine!!! So I woke up this morning thinking I had hit the lottery! And I couldn't wait to get downstairs to see my little monkey! He was laying there with his Nanny all snuggled up and asleep. It was priceless!!!!! I have already told Todd's mom that I need to schedule her again very soon :D and I am sure she would LOVE it!! if there could be more great stuff, right...but there is!! Today my lil "sissy" came to visit me! Okay she didn't really come to see me..she came to see Noah..hehe!!! She held him the entire time and he was in heaven with his Aunt MB. This girl is good, she has such a natural mothering instinct and just looked so at home with him in her arms. I had such a great time chatting and catching up with her. I have always wished and prayed for a little sister and I am so glad that now I have one :D Love U MB!!!!!

Then...yes there is more :D My parents came by and visited us after MB left. They spoiled Noah rotten too!!! He is very loved can't you tell? My momma brought some more outfits for Noah that she made..which I love getting!!! And she fed Noah too! I just love watching Noah with my parents and Todd's parents! It is sooo sweet!!!

Now are you jealous of me or what??? Noah is fast asleep after such a great couple of days and lots of spoiling and I am chilling on the couch about to watch a few shows I recorded. I am a bit nervous about getting back into a routine tonight with Noah, but I am so excited b/c I have missed my little monkey!!! I still can't get over how much I love this little dude! Tomorrow Noah will be a MONTH old. Boy time is flying by! He will be 16 before I know it. I will take some pics tomorrow with his blocks and post.

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The Patterson's said...

This sounds WONDERFUL! Glad to hear you are feeling great. You'll be right back at it tonight and who knows...maybe Noah will sleep a little extra for you. :-)

BTW, every time I come to your blog and see that picture in your header, I just LOVE it!!