Thursday, May 27, 2010

what's going on with me

I cannot believe that I actually have a moment to blog! Last night Todd took over and I got some much needed z'ssss!!!!! And I feel like a new woman! Noah has been eating every two hours, especially at night, so it has been really wearing me down. Right now he has been asleep for 3 hours and I am in shock!!! I am sure he is about to wake up and I will have to finish this post later..haha I am learning that with motherhood you never can quite get things done the way you once could. But oh is it soooooo worth it!!!

I wanted to post about how things were going with me and how it is adjusting to a newborn. I have to admit it can be rough. The first few days home were really tough b/c of my c-section. I couldn't really lay on my side or even lay on my back to sleep b/c it hurt and I started to swell really bad. So when I could rest I wasn't able to. My swelling was so bad that I lost 10 lbs in one day when the swelling went away. It was crazy b/c I was more swollen than I was when I was pregnant. Now my pain is much better and I can sleep and get some rest.

I started to stress about how much Noah was eating and how often and of course whether or not to continue breastfeeding. I started out breastfeeding, but Noah didn't latch well so we had to use a nipple guard. Then we supplemented formula a few times and I think he decided he liked getting his food fast b/c he wasn't interested in breastfeeding anymore. I rented a pump and didn't get much milk and was bummed b/c I hated sitting by myself pumping and not being able to be with my baby boy. So I tried breastfeeding again (with the nipple guard). He latched on well and stayed there for 30 minutes on each breast, but wasn't swallowing anything so I felt more like a pacifier. It took me a few days but I decided to just do formula. That was a hard decision. Even though I know it is okay, it was hard to give that up!!!!

Then began the worrying over Noah's eating and sleeping. I kept hearing that he should be sleeping longer so I started to try and get him to eat more so he would sleep more. It totally stressed me out!!!! Then after my sister read me her girl's old feeding schedule she had documented I felt better about Noah's schedule. And I have decided not to fret about it at all!!! If I think ahead it just worries me, so I have been just enjoying each second with my Noah! It is much better this way!

And I always said I would make sure and document my weight and how things truly are after giving birth. I hate that all of these celebrities make it look like you bounce back so soon when that is NOT the case at all!!!! I have lost 27 lbs, but my tummy is still big and I tried on some old size 12 jeans today and they wouldn't even budge over my hips!! I will have to show a picture later. It takes time for the body to get back so don't be upset if it doesn't as soon as you want it to!!! I am totally happy with my body b/c it gave me Noah and I am giving myself a year to bounce back :D I mean it took almost a year to get this way..hehe!!!!

Other than that I am LOVING being a mommy!!!! And I love the way becoming parents has brought Todd and I even closer than we were before! It is all such a blessing from God!!!! Thank U Lord!!!

If you have any questions...feel free to ask away :D


Nicole said...

im JAZZED! My daughter and I had been checking the blog daily, on a "baby watch" waiting for Noah to be born! Im getting teary thinking about how hard/changeable/exciting/emotional the 1st couple weeks are. I didnt have ANY luck breast feeing with my 1st, with my second I was able to breast feed for 4months, then back to work i went. its such an emotional area, u know?
anyway, so happy he is here. post as many pics as you can, we are enjoying seeing them.:)

shauna said...

Girl, Jakob ate every 2 hours till he was about 3 months old!!! The baby will eat when he's hungry and he'll be fine. Just try not to stress about anything (easier said than done, I know) You've never been a momma before, but Noah's never been through any of this either. It takes some time to adjust. I think I was very surprised that eating and things like that are not natural for all babies. Jakob did not want to latch on when I first had him either, and then I went straight back to the hospital, so babies are very flexible. As long as Noah gets some food (formula or breastmilk) he'll be happy and healthy. Love ya and glad that you're getting some rest. Thank the Lord for helpful hubbies :)

Amber said...

thank you for such honesty because I know I will be going through this same stuff any day now. Possibly even the section with the progress Im making so any tips, what helped, etc please share Im always up for listening.

Glad to hear you were able to get some sleep.

Melissa said...

Yep, it took me about a year to get back to normal...maybe over a year. The hips were just not the same but I think they are finally back to normal and Cassie is 19 months. You are right in not stressing in how much they eat. Wait till Noah is a toddler...crazy picky eating. You just have to remember that they are not going to starve themselves.

Nichole said...

So happy for you sweetie! Glad you are able to relax a bit and sit back and enjoy!

momof5girls said...

Dana, It's so good to hear from you. I'm glad you're finding peace with deciding what's right for you and Noah. Believe me, after 5 children, you realize no two are the same. You can listen to everyone, but you have to choose what works for you. You're a good mom, you love him and care for him properly. What more could a boy ask for? I absolutely love the pics you've posted. I thought he looked just like Todd on the u/s, but on the outside I sure see a lot of you when I look at him. I know you must just be beside yourself with joy and contentment. I'm so happy for you and thank the Lord for answering the prayers with Noah! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you realize that your body will bounce back in time, I wore a lot of loose clothes in the beginning and something nobody seems to mention is how swollen you get especially after a c-section, but relax it all goes down like you said and eventually your body will return (for the most part! :) )! Congrats he is ADORABLE!!

The Sherrill Family said...

I'm so glad that you had a chance to update. It's such a crazy ride, but you just need to figure out what works best with you and Noah. I found tossing out the books often helped (except for the whole reading about sleep). :)
Still praying for you as you adjust to being a mommy! (yeah) xoxo

Amber said...

how are things going-2 weeks old already time is flying by :)