Monday, May 10, 2010

Update from the doctor's appt.

Well, still no progress! This little booger is comfy and cozy in his mommy's tummy and just doesn't want to come out yet :D The doctor said all looks great otherwise! Noah's heartrate was perfect, my bloodpressure was perfect, and well we won't discuss my weight..HA!! He is still super low and ready to make his debut, but I am still only a fingertip dialated. The doctor scheduled an induction for NEXT Tuesday evening!!! The 19th!!! She will give me something to thin me out that night...oh and something to help me sleep (yay). Then on Wednesday she will start the meds to help bring on the contractions. She said he will possibly be here next Wednesday evening..the 20th! Oh and they are having me come in on Friday for an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid level and make sure Noah is okay!

I have to admit I was really disappointed after this appointment. I had told myself that the longest I would have to wait would be this upcoming Sunday night (b/c of what they told me previously), but I cried and then I felt better. Todd and I had packed up our bags in the truck once again and I had the house ready, Maggie ready, and myself ready...just in case. And do you know how hard it is to shave your legs and be this pregnant?? So all I could think was man I have to do this all over again!! And I am worn out!!! Plus, there are so many people anxiously awaiting Noah's arrival. I feel like I just keep disappointing them! But then I realized that this is all about NOAH and nothing else really matters!! Once I came to my senses I have had such a peace about me. I am just going to enjoy these last few days that my son and I have together...JUST US!!! Sometimes I just have to think things out and then reason with myself! I guess that makes me crazy..HA!! B/c I am actually having this conversation with myself in my head, but the counselor in me is all about fixing things. And IF has taught me that it is all about perspective!!!


The Patterson's said...

I remember feeling the same way before Drake arrived ("Will he ever get here?!"). Maybe he will decide to come before your induction next week. Either way, your baby will be here by next week!!

Amber said...

so sorry to hear that Noah is not making any progress but it sounds like he is nice and comfy in there and just doesnt want to come out. He will be here soon enough so enjoy your last few days!

momof5girls said...

I'm so proud of the way you are leaning on and trusting in the peace God is providing you. It will help Noah to be a peaceful baby too! You are so right, enjoy these last days carrying Noah as it's a stage you'll never go through with him again. We aren't disappointed in the least, just excited and anxious for you. It's exciting to know that this little boy is exactly the person God had chosen for you out of all the other possibilities! It will be a joy to see who he turns out to be for the Lord. Love ya!