Friday, May 14, 2010

Ultrasound/Doctor's visit @ 5 days past due!!

Let me start out by saying that I am EXHAUSTED today! I didn't sleep well lastnight and then we had an early appt. this morning so after I post this I am taking a LONG nap!!! We arrived early at our doctor's appt. and then had to wait a long time b/c they were behind. To our surprise the doctor had ordered a detailed u/s and so the u/s tech had to measure alot and the u/s had to be 30 minutes long! Which was fine with me b/c then I got to just sit and watch my sweet Noah :D However, laying on your back and being this pregnant was AWFUL!!! After a few minutes I felt like I was going to faint so I had to lay on my side for a while! Noah looked AMAZING!!! We got to watch him breath and his little heart was just a racing! We even got to see his full bladder!! His amniotic fluid was great and then we got the BIG news!!! Our boy is a big one b/c he is measuring at 8 lbs and 12 ounces!!!!!!!! I was in shock!!! The doctor said the u/s can be off by a pound so he could be 7 or 9 pounds!!! I am hoping for high 7 or low 8!!! But I am so happy to report he is super healthy and looking great!!

Then she checked me and said I was a whopping 1 CM dilated..HAHA!!! Yeah not much, if any, progress. So we are still scheduled for an induction on Tuesday evening, but the doctor seems to think he will come this wkend! I am not sure how she came to this conclusion, but I am guessing it was for my sanity..HA!!!! And yesterday's events was just what I needed to finish out this race!! I feel like I can make it to the finish line and I can actually see the finish line in sight! I am really hoping he does come on his own and we won't have to be induced, but this is all in God's hands. And He always knows best!!!! So I am off for a nap, then I plan to do several laps around the couch this evening! It is way tooooo humid and hot outside to even try to walk out there! GA humidity is tough stuff!!!!! Thank y'all for all of the encouragement and prayers and of course love!!! Love y'all too!





Jackie said...

Hang in there honey, no one is pregnant forever!

shauna said...

Congratulations girl, you've now progressed more than I did while on pitocin!!! (lol) Noah's coming, he's just coming on his own time :) That's so cool that you got to see him in the womb one more time before he's born. How special. Hope you get some rest today!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and hang in there- pregnancy does have an end date!! Boy do I know about an U/S showing a big baby! All good news!! Enjoy your nap!

Nichole said...

Dana - I just wanted to let you know that I am deeply grateful for your kind words and support. A lot of "infertiles" (hate that term) can lose sight of the "battle" when they are pregnant, but you have never forgotten me. Eventhough we have never met in person, I feel like you are one of the most sincere friends I have.

Thank you for being you, being wonderful, and being so supportive.

Now come on Noah...Mommy's tired and we are all ready to "meet" you!

Love you so much and hope this weekend is an uneventful...eventful one!