Monday, May 3, 2010

Noah's Room

I can't believe that I haven't posted any pics of Noah's room! It totally slipped my mind!!! So here they are :D Enjoy!!!
As you enter the room, you see Todd's beautiful painting, the nightlight, and the cutest little jacket!

Todd painted this for Noah, I hope Noah is as talented as his daddy!!!

Isn't this just he cutest nightlight! Ready for those late night feedings.

Rock a bye Noah :D

We have his little shelves ready with tons of books to read and toys to play with.

His little bear blanky that the girls got him is waiting for lots of snuggles with Noah

His changing table is all stocked and ready for tons of dirty diapers!!

The bed is ready with his mobile and sweet verse above it.

A closet stocked full of clothes for my handsome lil' man!

The shelves my dad made for Noah's closet has even more clothes for him. They are categorized by color, size, and style :D


Melissa said...

Love the dog theme you got going on - too cute. So you thinking this week he may make his appearence? Come on Noah!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that painting! What a wonderful job Noah's Daddy did!