Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We had our doctor's appt. today and I have NOT progressed at all!!! And on top of that we were told that we have to come back on Monday for yet another appt. and this doctor said that an induction wouldn't be til the 16th! We saw a different doctor!!! And she said that the previous doctor, the one that said she would induce the night of the 9th was mistaken!! But I am sure that is what she said last time!!! So I have an appt. with my original doctor on Monday. Maybe she will induce me that night if I have not progressed by then!! This appointment just ruined my day and put me in the worst mood!!!

I had gotten my hopes up and then they came tumbling down. And I know that I could go into labor anytime before Monday, but the way things have been going so far....it doesn't look likely!!! It feels like I may just be pregnant FOREVER, HA!!!!!! After the appt. Todd and I ate lunch and went flower shopping and my ankles and feet decided to swell up something terrible. They hurt!!!! Who knew they would actually hurt when they swell??? Not me!!! I propped them up when I got home and now they are doing much better! All in all, I am totally BUMMED!!!!!!!!! Pray that I go into labor naturally very soon or I may just have to wait FOREVER!! And this momma is getting impatient!!!!!


Melissa said...

When I went in at 37 weeks I had dialted 1 cm. The next week there was no progress but then my water broke 5 days later. So...here is to hoping you go into labor on your own!!!!

Birdee said...

I pray you wait even if the 9th comes and goes. I'm sorry but unless it's medically necessairy, I don't believe in inductions. Sorry to post my beliefs on your blog, and you can delete it, I've just come to really care about you and hate to see what happens as a result of the medical world getting their hands on vulnrable pregnant women. My second child I went 5 days over, had him all natural (no meds or epi) and was able to go down and give him his first bath. Inductions lead to C-sections and other complications (spiral affect). America has the highest c-secion rate of 33% (That's one in every three pregnant women - go to youtube and watch the trilor for "pregnant in america"

and "the business of being born".

Okay, I'll get off my soap box, and you can delete this. But I promise you, I PROMISE you, Your body will know how to go into labor when he is ready, and your body will know how to deliver him, and I promise you, he will come. The last weeks are hard and the last days harder, but he will be here.

K-I'm done. (Please don't take offence to this, just roll your eyes and delete but know your in my T&P and so excited to see this sweet little bean)

Dana said...

Birdee~ I totally respect all the opinions on inductions, c-sections, natural labor and etc. I am always open to it all. And I am like you I would love for everything to happen naturally, but b/c of IF I have lost faith in my body to work right! But I am going to try to have more faith and be patient :D I know you have always been so loving and caring! Thanks for always looking out for me sweety!!