Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heavenly Sleep!!

I had the best night's sleep lastnight! And I know it is b/c God is still answering my prayer from the other night. I asked Him to help me get through the rest of this pregnancy and He answered. Thank U Lord!!!!!! I still got up to tinkle like a million times, but on this night I was able to fall deeply back asleep right away after every trip. I didn't even get up til 11!!! Yep eleven in the morning!!!! CRAZY!!!! And I am sure I could've slept longer but Miss Maggie had to tinkle really bad and woke me up. She is so cute when she scratches at my arm to wake me up. I guess 11 isn't so bad considering I didn't go to bed til after 12 am. Todd had to work late lasnight and then we watched TONS of tv. I finally had to just give in and go to bed, b/c my eyes were shutting and crossing. Maybe that is the trick, no naps during the day and then staying up til you can't keep your eyes open. If that is what it takes to sleep like I did lastnight then I am on board!!!

I called and left my dr. a message today. My feet are pretty swollen and even though I know it is totally normal, I really want to hear it from her. I am feeling better about waiting on Noah and being patient since I am feeling better today. It is harder to be patient when you back is hurting all day and you can't get comfortable to save your life. Plus, I haven't gone anywhere and that helps too. The thought of getting ready drives me nuts and it is SUPER HOT outside. I walked to the mailbox yesterday and almost melted..haha!

Mother's day is this wkend and it has been hard to even realize that b/c it is my due date as well. Todd and I made plans with our mommas on Friday evening and Saturday evening and we are leaving Sunday wide open in hopes someone decides to show :D But if he doesn't that is okay b/c I am excited to have a full day with my Toby! We need a day to ourselves and lately it seems there is always something to do and somewhere to go. So sunday will be our day :D Oh and on a sidenote I ordered from blog2print yesterday. It is a site where you can make a book from your blog. I only ordered the posts from 2008 and then I plan on ordering more. When I get it I will let y'all know! I really wanted to document our journey to Noah and have it as a keepsake forever to pass down. I never want to forget our journey and I want Noah to know how much his momma and daddy wanted him!!!

Happy Thursday Y'all!!

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Amber said...

I hope your little Noah decides to give you a wonderful Mothers Day gift in his prescence what a wonderful gift it would be!

Thats so neat about the blog posts you will definitely have to let me know how it turns out because Ive thought of doing that as well