Friday, May 14, 2010

5 years with my Toby!!!!

Five Years of Bliss!!!!!

My amazing husband and I were married five years ago!! Our Anniversary is May 21st, but considering that Noah could come any minute I did not want to wait and let this pass without posting! I am truely blessed b/c I married my best friend!! We are probably one of those couples that makes other ppl sick to watch. I could do anything with Todd and it would be fun! We make each other laugh daily and I just love the way he loves me!! He is my rock and life is so much sweeter with him in it!

Our story is very simple. We met in college and dated for a little while, then went our seperate ways. Thankfully, I kept his number in a journal of mine and when I was off to the big city to finish more college (ha) I came across his number in my journal. The Lord sure did give me the strength to call him up that day b/c I have never been so confident. And the rest is history! We started dating again and have been together pretty much everyday ever since! We have survived grad school together and infertility! And now we are about to embark on the biggest challenge of our lives....parenthood! I could not ask for a better partner in life!!! This has been the most amazing five years and I look forward to soooo many many more with my Toby!!! Thank you sweetheart for loving me so much! You are going to be the BEST daddy ever and I cannot wait to see you hold our son for the first time! Happy 5 Years!!!!! My Love Always!


Heather said...

Cant wait to meet Noah Dana!!!! Praying for you guys!!!

momof5girls said...

What a wonderful anniversary present the Lord has given you! I'm dieing to see his picture and of course with all the family! Love you~