Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 days past due!

2 days past due and I am doing good!! I have been taking it easy contrary to everyone's advice to walk...walk..walk! I have just decided to take it easy and keep my feet from swelling so much. Plus, Todd has been working so it is much easier to just be a couch potato with him not here. I miss him :D

Yesterday, it felt like Noah moved even lower. *if that is possible* So maybe he dropped..not sure! And he is still active, but when he moves now it feels like he is going to crack one of my ribs or kick out an organ..HA!!! I swear sometimes I even hear a pop noise when he moves! Everytime I hear that I think it could be my water breaking. And he is totally snuggled into my right side (just like you said Mrs. Arlene). You can see him totally favoring my right side, which oddly enough makes just the right side of my back hurt.

Other than being totally lazy and worthless these past days I have been just thinking about Noah! He is all I think about! I wonder about everything: who he will look like, will he have black hair or start out with light brown, will he weigh under or over 7 lbs, will I go into labor on my own, will he come quickly or will it be a long labor, and so much more!!!!!

I really have a feeling that my body is preparing to go into labor! I have no "real" reasons to justify my claim, but it just feels like things are starting to move in the right direction. I am just starting to feel different and I wish I could explain it better. Maybe it is just my mother's intuition kicking in :D

Oh and for fun here is a picture of my flinstone feet :D

And a picture of sweet Maggie! This is what she does while I am drying my hair..which takes forever b/c I have super duper thick hair. Bless her heart she is very patient!!


shauna said...

Oh you poor thing!!! I *do not miss that one bit! Thankfully you know the swelling will be gone once little mr. decides he is ready to come out :) You are on countdown girl. Hoping and praying he'll go ahead and come on his own.
Love ya!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Just think...you are sooo close to meeting this precious boy! I can't wait to meet Ayla! Please keep me posted...you better text me when you are going to the hospital! I know texting me will be the last thing on your mind but I can't wait!!

Give that sweet Maggie a kiss for me! I will give Spanky and Scrappy one from her! :-)

Amber said...

oh how our feet look very similar, I should take a picture of my swollen feet, they are bad.

Ive also wondered about so many of these same things, glad to know we get to go through it all together :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck and hang in there- I remember how excited I was and how it felt like forever waiting, and now that he is hear time is just flying!! Good luck I know everything will go well and soon you will be holding your little guy in your arms rather than your belly! :)