Friday, April 30, 2010

Yesterday's doctor's appt.

I am happy to report that I have made some progress. The doc said I was a fingertip dialated and thinning a little bit :D YIPPPEEE!!! I am just so excited that my body is moving in the right direction, it is very encouraging that soon Noah will be here. The doctor also noticed that my ankles and feet were swollen and honestly I hadn't noticed b/c I already have big ankles (and always have had larger ankles than most) and just assumed it was all fat..HA!!! But all was okay b/c she said everything else looked great and that this was just part of the end of the journey in pregnancy. Plus, we have had some warm GA days and I have been staying active and on my feet alot. She said that I should try to prop my feet up more and it would be fine. Yeah, have you ever tried to prop your feet up with such an enormous belly!!! It was REALLY difficult. My legs just didn't want to budge so I elevated my feet as high as physically possible!!! Oh and she commented again on how low Noah is....and after the exam...he felt even lower! It feels like he is just gonna come on out so I am now waddling in a whole new way..hehe

I told her my worries that Noah will get too big and won't fit. Well, she said that with him being so low it was an indicator that he would fit just fine. So all around we had great news yesterday!!! Thank God!!!! After the appt. we went to Todd's parent's house and Noah was super active. I also had a few "contractions". I am not sure if they were real ones or just BH contractions. They felt like menstrual cramps and were not consistent. They hurt kinda bad and I have heard that BH contractions don't hurt. I am sure it was due to being examined. Which by the way was NO fun!!! And I will just leave it at that!!!

I am secretly hoping that Noah comes on May 1st b/c it is May Day! And even though I have no idea what May Day has special meaning to me. When I was a little girl I remember my Granny Sam telling me about May Day (obviously I wasn't a great listener). And everytime I think about May Day I think about my sweet Granny Sam!! She was such a sweetheart and the shortest, cutest little thing!!!!! And it just seems like lately knowing that Noah is arriving soon I am remembering all of the wonderful ppl that are no longer with me anymore. I miss them, but I am not going there b/c I will just cry cry cry!!!! I am going to make sure Noah knows all about every one of them!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I am hoping everyone has a great Friday and a super weekend!!!! Love y'all!!!


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Ohhh so much closer! I know you can't wait! I talked to my doc a little yesterday about being induced early b/c Ayla is measuring bigger. He said once it gets closer, we will do some ultrasounds to see just how big she is getting! We may induce around 38 weeks! So...if that is the case- 8 more weeks! I can't wait!!!

Amber said...

how exciting to have some progress! I know we go for the first time on Thursday and Im hoping for any progress that would be nice

Melissa said...

I remember being examined and it hurt!!! I was shocked it hurt like that. During labor when the nurses checked me it was super painful and that is the only time tears came to my eyes during labor. (I had an epidural)