Friday, April 23, 2010

Waddling Woman!!!!

I had my doctor's appt. this morning and my first internal exam. And.......................................
NOTHING!!! No progress to report at all!

She did seem really shocked at how low Noah is and told me I have an excuse to waddle!! Like I needed one, I have been waddling for some time now..HAHA!! She told me that he is in position and he looks great :D I just love hearing his heartbeat (148 bpm) and I am measuring right on schedule!!

I guess that Noah is planning on being a May baby and that is fine with me! I think I can endure a few more weeks...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!! I am such a dork b/c I packed up all of my things and brought them with me to the doctor's visit (again) just in case!! My sweet Daddy took me this time to the appt. b/c Todd was working. I am so thankful b/c driving tires me out something terrible! I really do not know how all of you working women do it! Like I have said before you are super women!!!!!!!

Now I am down to 2 weeks and 2 days left! Sounds like nothing, but I am sure it will feel like a lifetime! And I am not even letting myself think about going over..HAHA!!

I am looking forward to a weekend with my sweety! I have missed him a lot b/c he has been working extra hours these days. And I am thankful to have met two new blogger friends that are due around the same time as me :D Hey y'all, it is so nice to meet U both!!! Well, I better lay down b/c my back is starting to scream..UGGGG!!!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend :D



Birdee said...

Oh Wow! It's been a while since I've had time to check in on all my gals. I can't believe you are full term! Congratulations!!! WOOO HOOO!
I'm sooo excited to cyber meet this little boy!

Amber said...

wow not much longer at all to go until Noah arrives. Maybe both of our babies will arrive in the same month :)

momof5girls said...

Ok chickie, I think Mr. Noah will hold out to give you your first mother's day present. Heehee! A funny thing happened this evening. I was on a friend's blog and saw Shauna's old blog listed and it was from April 13 and she was talking about you. It was right after you'd had a neg. pg test. It was so heart wrenching, but goes to show that a lot can change in one year's time. April 2009, sadness and now April 2010 pure joy! Thank you Lord for answered prayer!!!

Dana said...

Mrs. Arlene, I know it is amazing to see where I have come from and where I am now! I am so thankful for answered prayers!!!!