Monday, April 26, 2010

National IF Week!!!!!

I really wanted to post something on National IF Awareness Week, but have had trouble finding the right words to even express myself. I mean, here I am pregnant! An Infertile woman that is pregnant! Isn't that such a contradiction. And who would want to hear about how hard this journey has been when I am at the end of it. So instead I just want to ask everyone to remember and pray for all of the women that are in the beginning and middle of the journey! The ones that are having to get up every morning and face infertility in the face. Pray for them!!!! Pray hard and pray diligently! Pray that God comforts them when they feel like nothing can or ever will comfort their pain. Simply Pray! It works!!!! I am sending out my love to everyone dealing with IF and hoping we can all spread more love through awareness on IF!! HUGS!!!!

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