Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Last Night!!!

Let me start out by saying that I am in no way complaining about pregnancy with this post! I just have always been super open and honest about everything and I don't want to stop now :D

Last night I was exhausted b/c I had a full day yesterday! A fun day, but a full day. Well, a full day for a 37 week pregnant woman..HA!!! It was full of laundry, dishes, visits with family, some teaching, and a bit of driving! When I type it out it sounds like nothing, but boy was I tired when I got home lastnight. Plus, my back decided to yell alot yesterday and I think that made me more tired too. Neways, I finally went to bed. But could not for the life of me get comfortable! I started out with three pillows, tried just two, and even threw all but one on the floor in desperation but NOTHING helped!!! After tossing and turning I guess I finally just fell asleep due to exhaustion. Then I woke up to the worst heartburn EVER...actually this is gross and TMI, but my food actually came up and I started choking! That has happened once before and it is the worst feeling. And it is really really hard for me to just jump right up so that I was not choking anymore. It scared me and why the heck does it taste like a mouth full of sugar??? I guess a sugar taste is better than others, but it was the WORST taste. So I got up and of course had to potty (I really should just invest in some diapers for myself..hehe)! I felt so defeated b/c I had finally went to sleep and now I had to start the toss and turn all over again! UGGG!!! I found my fourth pillow and used it to prop my head up so I wouldn't have anymore choking episodes and thankfully fell back asleep!!!

All I could think this morning was how I miss sooo much sleeping through the night! And then I realized that sleeping through the night is going to be a long lost friend for a very long time..HA!! I guess it is true and your body is just getting you ready for all of those late night feedings! I am however very thankful that I am a SAHW (stay at home wife) b/c I really don't know how working women do it! They are super women!!!! I hope y'all are enjoying your week and please go and check out my dad's new blog.


Carey and Jon said...

Hi Dana! I noticed the other day that you are a new follower :) Thank you so much! I see we are pretty much on the same due date countdown! Come on May 9!!

But I must say, I agree with you on the sleeping thing! It takes me a good 15-20mins to fall asleep at night, depending how tired I am. Then I have to wake up to pee, which spurs a Braxton Hicks which makes getting comfy again SO hard!

And you are lucky...I wish my reflux tasted of something sweet like sugar...mine is :)

momof5girls said...

Aaaw, poor Dana. I sympathize with you about last night. I had a horrible tossing-turning night with the whole pillow dance and all before finally getting to sleep. Today has just been a stupor for me. One good thing to look forward to is when Noah gets here and keeps you awake at night, your body will be comfortable and you'll have the joy of holding him in your arms. The best part of the middle of the night is you have him all to yourself with no interruptions. That was my favorite time with Shauna. Praying for you all! Can't wait to see that little man's face!

Nicole said...

some babies sleep thru the night immediately. my first daughter did. my newest little girl is 3 months in 3 days and she is NOT sleeping the night.With my 1st, we gave her cereal in her bottle and that did the trick. this one, no dice...she loves the cereal and if she has the bottle at midnight, she will make it till 530 which is nothing to sneeze at. but unfortunately thats when I get up for work so that means 5 hours of sleep. and a 8 hour day at a job and then of course, all the house stuff when I get home...anyWHO. Dont despair. like I said, some babies sleep the night immediately. but I remember the EXACT moment when I also had that realization. no worries. as moms, we are blessed with work :)

Katie said...

hey :) We are almost due-date twins too! Carey is a blog-friend of mine. You'll have to come check out my blog sometime...I'm OH so honest about pregnancy.