Friday, April 2, 2010

Maternity Pictures @ 34 wks and 4 days!!!

Yesterday we took some pictures to capture me in all my pg glory :D We are cheapos so we just used our camer and Todd took the pictures of me alone and Todd's sister (Kristy) took the pictures of Todd and I (and Maggie too). I think they turned out great and am so glad to have these to capture this very special moment in our lives!!!

We did the heart picture with both of our hands! We already love this little guy so much!

I think this is one of my favorites!!! You can just see the excitement in Todd's face!

One with our first born..hehe

And another with Miss Maggie May! I made sure that she and I matched!

One with Noah's name in letter blocks!

Okay here are some of just me! And Noah of course!

We used the gown that Todd's sissy used in her maternity pictures!

Thinking about my Noah :D

Can't wait to meet my little boy!

I love this one b/c it shows how big my belly has gotten!!

I am not sure how we are going to chose which one to print and frame, so I am planning on making a photo album on snapfish! Then I can use them all!! I have been working super hard to make sure we have all that we need for Noah's arrival. We put the carseat in the car yesterday and I am LOVING how it looks in there. I have always wanted a carseat in my car!!! We have bottles, bibs, burp clothes, Noah's clothes, diapers, wipes, blankies, pacifiers, toys, and tons more! So I am thinking we are ready!!!!! There are just a few more things I want done, but nothing that has to be done before Noah arrives. We have planned on going to babies r us on Tuesday to finish up some shopping :D
Now, I just need to pack some bags for the hospital and we are a GO!!!! I am debating on what to pack for Noah! I am thinking of packing some gowns and a few onesies! And I am going to bring blankets for swaddling and pacifiers. Of course, I will pack his going home outfit, which was Todd's going home outfit. Should I pack a complete diaper bag too (with diapers, wipes, bottles, etc)?? And as for me, I was thinking pj bottoms and a comfy shirt...maybe a gown (not sure), and a super comfy outfit for going home. I have some sweat pants that I have been wearing this entire pregnancy so I am just going to wear them home. I am not a fancy girl so I know I won't feel like dressing up to go home. Is there anything else I need for me (besides shampoo, conditioner, etc)??? And I told Todd to pick out something comfy to bring to the hospital too. I have heard to bring tons of change for the vending machine for Todd. Any other ideas??? I know that our stay at the hospital is unknown and we could be there for just a day or for several days, so it is hard to know what to pack. Plus, I tend to overpack!!! And we live about an hour from the hospital so I don't want Todd having to drive to get things. So any advice is super welcomed!!!
I hope everyone has an AMAZING Easter! And remembers what Easter is all about! Todd and my favorite verse sums it up! "God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners Christ died for us" Romans 5:8 Because HE lives!!!!!!! Thank You Lord for sending your ONLY Son to die for our sins and PRAISE God that HE rose!!! HE LIVES!!!!


Amber said...

the pictures turned out wonderful! I love the little blocks so cute!

shauna said...

Love the pictures! It sounds like you've got everything pretty much together :) Our hospital had a room with tons of cookies and chips and drinks (milk, soda, etc.) for the daddies and mommas, you should ask if your hospital has one. If you have any of those swaddling blankets they are really nice for new babies because they like to be held tight. Hope you have a very happy Easter!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

never commented before...but since packing for the hospital is what I am working on right now,and I too am a overpacker...for the baby Im Not bringing wipes and diapers,at the 2 hospitals I've been to they give you all the open packs of diapers and wipes that you used even if there is only a few missing and then all the gifts people bring to the hospital I ended up with a overflowing baby bag.And I would bring a gown for you just in case a c-section is needed...I didnt own a gown for my last c/s and ended up having to wear t-shirts with no bottoms b/c I hated the way the waist band felt on the incision.I just this week went and bought travel size shampoo,razor,soap etc I can just throw them away when I leave instead of packing wet,gross stuff in my bag.AND I bought a pack of "cute" granny panties...I wont explain why;)Your baby will be here sooo soon,Cant wait to see his pics!

momof5girls said...

Dana, how exciting that the big day is approaching so rapidly atlast! One thing I don't remember if you included is breast pads. Even if you are not nursing, you'll need them for a short while. I hope you'll be able to because it's so good for his immune system. Also the sweetpea gowns are so handy when they are tiny because they tend to stay knotted up like when they were in your tummy and it just makes those early morning changings so much easier. I had gotten Jakey little gowns w/matching beanies and socks. You truly are a lovely, radient pregnant lady! Just remember, don't freak, you know way more about being a mommy than he knows about being a baby. Just feed, change and love him. What more could a little guy ask for. Love you and praying for you! Arlene

Amy said...

Loved your pictures! You are definitely glowing. So nice that you were able to take them yourselves without having to hire someone expensive. They look just as great as a professional!
My daughter was born at 38 1/2 weeks and weighed almost seven pounds but none of her newborn outfits would fit her--too big--so I suggest you bring a premie outfit or two if you have them, just in case Noah is tiny. Also, I recommend you bring a couple of your own pillows in recognizable pillow cases because you'll want your own and you can keep track of them that way. So excited for you as you prepare to see Noah for the first time! I'll pray for a save and easy delivery for both of you.