Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Can you tell that I am getting 'ancy' b/c I am posting every day now..HA!!!!! I'm just sitting on my enormous behind and trying to find the energy to dust and clean this house. Yesterday I was FULL of energy and was bouncing off of the walls. I went grocery shopping and then started organizing and straightening the house up as soon as I got home! I wish I would have dusted last night when I had all that energy, but I kept telling myself that I wanted something to occupy my time on Todd's long day at work.

I am not sure why..(maybe something to do with hormones), but I am having one of those days where it feels like I am walking through mud. Each movement is just oh so tiring and difficult. I really need to atleast dust and do dishes b/c my MIL is coming over tomorrow to sweep, mop, and vaccum! I know I am spoiled..hehe Maybe if I take another nap I will wake up with tons of energy. Sounds like a plan!!!

Oh NO!!! I just remembered that I bought some cabbage and potatoes to cook for today. Crap!!! (sorry...I am working on cutting that word out of my vocab) I really do not feel like cutting up cabbage..then peeling potatoes...then cooking them...and mashing them..not to mention making cornbread. And what southern dinner would be complete without making some sweet tea. Oh can a magic fairy come and do all of that for me?? B/c that dinner sounds really YUMMY!!!!

Oh yeah....and I may have had like two BH contractions today. I am not really sure so I haven't told anyone. I am sure it was nothing...but it would be great if something was starting to happen!!

Well, even though there seems to be a lot to do today it is already 2 pm and I have done NOTHING...and a nap sounds really good. Said nap here I come!!!! Why not put off for a while, soon I won't be able to just take a nap at my heart's desire. Night Night Y'all!!!!!!

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