Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 4 AM post!!!!

Yep, it is 4 in the morning and I am WIDE awake!! I was sleeping really good but when I woke up for the third time to potty my mind must have decided to wake up for the day. So now I am downstairs surfing the tv channels for something to watch. I am hoping that it will lull me back to sleep, but I am thinking I am up for the day. Todd and I are planning on seeing my nephew play ball today....that is if it doesn't rain. I am hoping that my back lets me stay and watch all of the game.

Lastnight I think I pulled a muscle in my belly, if that is even possible at this point. In the area above and below my belly button it hurts! It only hurts when I am using my ab when I am getting up from a sitting position or trying to roll over in the bed. Does that sound like a hernia? Sorry if that is spelled wrong. And am I the only one that hates it when my belly button touches anything?? It makes me feel queasy!!! Todd was rubbing my belly last night and touched my belly button and I felt like I was gonna be sick. Just wondering..haha Oh the thoughts you have at 4 in the morning...hehe


shauna said...

I hope you get to go to the game! I think watching little ones play ball is *so much fun. Maybe you'll get some rest sometime today. Have a great day with your hubby :)

Ashley said...

I thought I was going to read..."It's four am and I think I'm in labor";)

momof5girls said...

I know I thought the same thing as Ashley! Well, maybe this is your version of a baby getting it's days and nights mixed up...LOL! When ever this happens a sure fire way to go back to sleep is to start reading your Bible. The devil hates it and will invariably make it hard to keep your eyes open. May sound crazy, but it works. Hope you got some rest and that your tummy feels better!