Sunday, April 18, 2010

37 weeks = FULL TERM!!!! (updated with pics)

I thought I was full term at 36 weeks b/c if you do the math you are 9 months pg by then, but I was wrong! I read on thebump that I am full term now!!! Wow, still amazes me!!! I just need to prepare myself for a lifetime of amazement b/c I know everytime I look at my sweet Noah I will be amazed that he is mine :D

There is nothing much new to report..same ole back pains and same ole nesting instinct one minute and super tired slacker mode the next. However, this maybe TMI but I have been going to the potty more lately...sorry but I read that is a sign of your body prepping for labor. I am excited about any signs of labor. Also, I read that we are getting a full moon next Wednesday, the 28th. Maybe that will kick me into labor...haha!!! Oh and my belly button may be starting to become an outie this week!! I really didn't think it would pop out, but it is getting there!

I am still craving lots and lots of chocolate, but are trying to cut back due to the caffeine. But I could seriously eat my weight in chocolate right now and that is ALOT.HA! I will post a pic later on when Todd gets home from work and I have actually taken a shower. I really need to get in the shower soon b/c I have this fear of going into labor and being all yucky and greasy haired. I know I won't be all glamorous or anything like that but I would really like for my hair to be freshly washed :D Our bags are packed, the cameras are charged, and I am ready to meet my little boy! Three more weeks...21 more days!!!! YAY!!!!


The Patterson's said...

Congrats on making it to full term! Little Noah will be here before you know it.

Michelle said...

Congrats on making it here! Time has really flown by. Soon you will be meeting Noah. You have to be so excited. I am excited for you! I hope some day I will know what it is like to make it this far. ((HUGS))

shauna said...

You look great! I can't believe only 21 days to go! Your baby boy will be here soon :)