Monday, April 12, 2010

36 weeks!

36 weeks down and only 4 to go!!! I am hoping for less than four. I would have NEVER thought I would say that I am ready to be done with my pregnancy. And really I am not ready to be done with the pregnancy per se, just the backpains and heart flutters! Lately my back starts hurting alot when I sit too long, drive, stand, or just about do anything!! It is so annoying and once it starts the only thing that helps is for me to lay on my side...and sometimes that doesn't help. It makes me super tired when it hurts and so lately I have been just a good for nothing couch potato. Or should I say bed potato!!! And when you have all of these nesting urges it drives you even more nuts b/c you can't get up and do all of the things you want to get done. So I guess I am just ready for the backpains to STOP!!!!

As for my heart flutters, I went to my family doctor and talked to him about it. We decided that I should cut out all of my caffeine and stress/anxiety (yeah right) and see what happens. Well, so far I have and I haven't had any more heart spells. Now it is back to normal and beats really fast when I do anything like walking up the stairs...I am really out of shape!!

Other than those things I have just been driving myself nuts with to do lists and making sure we can get as much done before Noah arrives as possible. Todd asked me if I kept adding to our to do list b/c is seems like we get so much done and then there is more on the list. I know I am. Poor guy!!! But honestly, the list now only consists of a few minor things that really don't HAVE to be done.

We go back to the OB on thursday to do my strep test thingie and we are going to ck into cord blood banking. Maybe Noah will be weighing atleast 6lbs by then and I can really start to hope to deliver soon. I would NEVER want to delive too soon..only if and when Noah is ready :D But if he is ready early this momma will not complain :D hehe Okay I better get back to laying down before my back starts screaming again!!!


Melissa said...

Wow! 36 weeks already! I went into labor at 38 weeks so here is to hoping you only have a couple weeks left. Can't wait to see pics of Noah!

momof5girls said...

Wow, he looks like he is beginning to engage already! Maybe you'll have a quick delivery. I'm praying for you! Love you

Alissa said...

I'm glad you're feeling better w/o the caffeine. I had the heart flutters as well and they went away as soon as baby was born. Just wanted to give you some piece of mind! :-)
SO...Any thoughts on the cloth dipes?!

Nicole said...

the heart beat acceleration doesnt mean you are out of shape...everything is pushed up by the baby, giving your heart less room to beat, so thats why its speeding up when you exert yourself. you look TRES FAB for 36 weeks...

Dana said...

Nicole...u are too sweet!!! thank u for the compliment.

Alissa...I have thought about cloth diapers but just can't get over washing them myself in the washer. It sounds like a really dirty job. But I haven't really researched it at all so I am clueless and I am sure nowadays you may not have to wash them urself. I need to look into it more :D

Here's to hoping Noah gets here early!!! :D