Friday, April 30, 2010

Yesterday's doctor's appt.

I am happy to report that I have made some progress. The doc said I was a fingertip dialated and thinning a little bit :D YIPPPEEE!!! I am just so excited that my body is moving in the right direction, it is very encouraging that soon Noah will be here. The doctor also noticed that my ankles and feet were swollen and honestly I hadn't noticed b/c I already have big ankles (and always have had larger ankles than most) and just assumed it was all fat..HA!!! But all was okay b/c she said everything else looked great and that this was just part of the end of the journey in pregnancy. Plus, we have had some warm GA days and I have been staying active and on my feet alot. She said that I should try to prop my feet up more and it would be fine. Yeah, have you ever tried to prop your feet up with such an enormous belly!!! It was REALLY difficult. My legs just didn't want to budge so I elevated my feet as high as physically possible!!! Oh and she commented again on how low Noah is....and after the exam...he felt even lower! It feels like he is just gonna come on out so I am now waddling in a whole new way..hehe

I told her my worries that Noah will get too big and won't fit. Well, she said that with him being so low it was an indicator that he would fit just fine. So all around we had great news yesterday!!! Thank God!!!! After the appt. we went to Todd's parent's house and Noah was super active. I also had a few "contractions". I am not sure if they were real ones or just BH contractions. They felt like menstrual cramps and were not consistent. They hurt kinda bad and I have heard that BH contractions don't hurt. I am sure it was due to being examined. Which by the way was NO fun!!! And I will just leave it at that!!!

I am secretly hoping that Noah comes on May 1st b/c it is May Day! And even though I have no idea what May Day has special meaning to me. When I was a little girl I remember my Granny Sam telling me about May Day (obviously I wasn't a great listener). And everytime I think about May Day I think about my sweet Granny Sam!! She was such a sweetheart and the shortest, cutest little thing!!!!! And it just seems like lately knowing that Noah is arriving soon I am remembering all of the wonderful ppl that are no longer with me anymore. I miss them, but I am not going there b/c I will just cry cry cry!!!! I am going to make sure Noah knows all about every one of them!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I am hoping everyone has a great Friday and a super weekend!!!! Love y'all!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Fairies Arrived!!!!

(Todd painted this for me. He gave it to me on our very first Valentine's day together. He is very talented.)

Yep, you know how I was wishing some magic fairies would come and cook me up some cabbage, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and sweet tea!!!! Well, my first fairy came yesterday and it was my sweet momma!!!! She called me from work and told me she was coming over to help and wouldn't take no for an answer. I was sooooo relieved!!!! And knowing she was coming over made me motivated to get my big ole behind off of the couch. My momma has come over the past two days to hang with me and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Maggie loves it too b/c her Grammy plays with her and she just eats it up. Momma cut up the cabbage and peeled the potatoes and started cooking up a storm!!!! I guess you can say I am spoiled. Hey a girl can get used to this kind of treatment!!!

Then another magic fairy called me and offered to do some cleaning at my house! This fairy was my sweet MIL!!! She asked me if I wanted her to come over and do the sweeping, mopping, and vacuming! And I just could not say nesting instincts would not let me..HAHA!!! And knowing that she is coming over this morning motivated me to dust the house last night! It was super hard to bend down and I had to take LOTS of breaks but I got the entire house dusted. And I made sure to clean the know nesting style...everything wiped down and no corner unturned!! Then I put up the clothes I washed and almost fell out I was so tired! But I went to bed feeling super accomplished.

Todd was able to come home from a 14 hour day and have something YUMMY to eat (thanks mommy) and tomorrow he will come home to a super clean house (thanks Mommy In Law)!!!! And if this was not enough spoiling...oh NOO there is more to come! Tonight Todd and I are eating at my parent's house (my mom's famous hamburgers are to die for) and tomorrow we are eating at his parent's house! As you can see we are so very blessed to be loved so much! How did we get so blessed??? Or should I say spoiled!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Can you tell that I am getting 'ancy' b/c I am posting every day now..HA!!!!! I'm just sitting on my enormous behind and trying to find the energy to dust and clean this house. Yesterday I was FULL of energy and was bouncing off of the walls. I went grocery shopping and then started organizing and straightening the house up as soon as I got home! I wish I would have dusted last night when I had all that energy, but I kept telling myself that I wanted something to occupy my time on Todd's long day at work.

I am not sure why..(maybe something to do with hormones), but I am having one of those days where it feels like I am walking through mud. Each movement is just oh so tiring and difficult. I really need to atleast dust and do dishes b/c my MIL is coming over tomorrow to sweep, mop, and vaccum! I know I am spoiled..hehe Maybe if I take another nap I will wake up with tons of energy. Sounds like a plan!!!

Oh NO!!! I just remembered that I bought some cabbage and potatoes to cook for today. Crap!!! (sorry...I am working on cutting that word out of my vocab) I really do not feel like cutting up cabbage..then peeling potatoes...then cooking them...and mashing them..not to mention making cornbread. And what southern dinner would be complete without making some sweet tea. Oh can a magic fairy come and do all of that for me?? B/c that dinner sounds really YUMMY!!!!

Oh yeah....and I may have had like two BH contractions today. I am not really sure so I haven't told anyone. I am sure it was nothing...but it would be great if something was starting to happen!!

Well, even though there seems to be a lot to do today it is already 2 pm and I have done NOTHING...and a nap sounds really good. Said nap here I come!!!! Why not put off for a while, soon I won't be able to just take a nap at my heart's desire. Night Night Y'all!!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

National IF Week!!!!!

I really wanted to post something on National IF Awareness Week, but have had trouble finding the right words to even express myself. I mean, here I am pregnant! An Infertile woman that is pregnant! Isn't that such a contradiction. And who would want to hear about how hard this journey has been when I am at the end of it. So instead I just want to ask everyone to remember and pray for all of the women that are in the beginning and middle of the journey! The ones that are having to get up every morning and face infertility in the face. Pray for them!!!! Pray hard and pray diligently! Pray that God comforts them when they feel like nothing can or ever will comfort their pain. Simply Pray! It works!!!! I am sending out my love to everyone dealing with IF and hoping we can all spread more love through awareness on IF!! HUGS!!!!

38 wks = 9 1/2 months

38 weeks...makes one desperate pregnant woman :D
And this week I have researched pressure points on google. Well, to be completely accurate Todd researched them for me! He found that if you put pressure on the space b/w your thumb and index finger it can help start labor. Tried it, didn't work!! Or you can put pressure for one minute on a place above your ankle and it can start labor. Tried it, didn't work!!! HAHA!! I was thinking that using pressure points was harmless, so that is really all I am planning on trying!! I was just getting desperate b/c my back was hurting and I could not seem to find a way to get comfortable. And constant pain like that will make you CRAZZZZY!!!

Plus, I swear if feels like my belly cannot grow anymore. It isn't humanly possible, right? Yeah, that is what I keep thinking. If he grows anymore I am sure that my ribs will break or my belly button will just pop open!!!! My belly button is starting to pop out!

And in the midst of all of this my husband has been the BEST!!!!!! If I want it, he gets it for me! If I need a backrub he rubs my back. If I need him to research pressure points he does it with no questions. When I lost it lastnight and cried for no reason at all, he was so patient and sweet with me! He is constantly trying to make me feel better! I am the luckiest girl in the world! I could not do this without him! He is such an amazing husband and will be an amazing daddy too!

So I have to say that even though I am ready for baby Noah to arrive, I am still trying to remember to soak in all of this too! And with it being National Infertility Awareness Week what a better reminder to be thankful...suck it up...and remember the journey we had to take to get here! I am so thankful for this HUGE belly, for the backaches that accompany it, for this MIRACLE moving around inside of me!!! So my new philosophy is to enjoy it all, even the not so fun parts!!! I am going to make sure to stare at my belly in the mirror a ton this week and just awe in the gift God has given me. I have often looked in the mirror during our journey and poked out my belly to see what I would look like pg. Well, now I am going to soak it ALL in :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 4 AM post!!!!

Yep, it is 4 in the morning and I am WIDE awake!! I was sleeping really good but when I woke up for the third time to potty my mind must have decided to wake up for the day. So now I am downstairs surfing the tv channels for something to watch. I am hoping that it will lull me back to sleep, but I am thinking I am up for the day. Todd and I are planning on seeing my nephew play ball today....that is if it doesn't rain. I am hoping that my back lets me stay and watch all of the game.

Lastnight I think I pulled a muscle in my belly, if that is even possible at this point. In the area above and below my belly button it hurts! It only hurts when I am using my ab when I am getting up from a sitting position or trying to roll over in the bed. Does that sound like a hernia? Sorry if that is spelled wrong. And am I the only one that hates it when my belly button touches anything?? It makes me feel queasy!!! Todd was rubbing my belly last night and touched my belly button and I felt like I was gonna be sick. Just wondering..haha Oh the thoughts you have at 4 in the morning...hehe

Friday, April 23, 2010

Waddling Woman!!!!

I had my doctor's appt. this morning and my first internal exam. And.......................................
NOTHING!!! No progress to report at all!

She did seem really shocked at how low Noah is and told me I have an excuse to waddle!! Like I needed one, I have been waddling for some time now..HAHA!! She told me that he is in position and he looks great :D I just love hearing his heartbeat (148 bpm) and I am measuring right on schedule!!

I guess that Noah is planning on being a May baby and that is fine with me! I think I can endure a few more weeks...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!! I am such a dork b/c I packed up all of my things and brought them with me to the doctor's visit (again) just in case!! My sweet Daddy took me this time to the appt. b/c Todd was working. I am so thankful b/c driving tires me out something terrible! I really do not know how all of you working women do it! Like I have said before you are super women!!!!!!!

Now I am down to 2 weeks and 2 days left! Sounds like nothing, but I am sure it will feel like a lifetime! And I am not even letting myself think about going over..HAHA!!

I am looking forward to a weekend with my sweety! I have missed him a lot b/c he has been working extra hours these days. And I am thankful to have met two new blogger friends that are due around the same time as me :D Hey y'all, it is so nice to meet U both!!! Well, I better lay down b/c my back is starting to scream..UGGGG!!!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend :D


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Last Night!!!

Let me start out by saying that I am in no way complaining about pregnancy with this post! I just have always been super open and honest about everything and I don't want to stop now :D

Last night I was exhausted b/c I had a full day yesterday! A fun day, but a full day. Well, a full day for a 37 week pregnant woman..HA!!! It was full of laundry, dishes, visits with family, some teaching, and a bit of driving! When I type it out it sounds like nothing, but boy was I tired when I got home lastnight. Plus, my back decided to yell alot yesterday and I think that made me more tired too. Neways, I finally went to bed. But could not for the life of me get comfortable! I started out with three pillows, tried just two, and even threw all but one on the floor in desperation but NOTHING helped!!! After tossing and turning I guess I finally just fell asleep due to exhaustion. Then I woke up to the worst heartburn EVER...actually this is gross and TMI, but my food actually came up and I started choking! That has happened once before and it is the worst feeling. And it is really really hard for me to just jump right up so that I was not choking anymore. It scared me and why the heck does it taste like a mouth full of sugar??? I guess a sugar taste is better than others, but it was the WORST taste. So I got up and of course had to potty (I really should just invest in some diapers for myself..hehe)! I felt so defeated b/c I had finally went to sleep and now I had to start the toss and turn all over again! UGGG!!! I found my fourth pillow and used it to prop my head up so I wouldn't have anymore choking episodes and thankfully fell back asleep!!!

All I could think this morning was how I miss sooo much sleeping through the night! And then I realized that sleeping through the night is going to be a long lost friend for a very long time..HA!! I guess it is true and your body is just getting you ready for all of those late night feedings! I am however very thankful that I am a SAHW (stay at home wife) b/c I really don't know how working women do it! They are super women!!!! I hope y'all are enjoying your week and please go and check out my dad's new blog.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My dad's new blog!!!!!

I am excited to say that I just made a blog for my Dad!!! Y'all have to check it is inspiring :D and all about our precious Lord!!! So go ahead and check it out:

I hope y'all have a (as my dad would say) GREAT GOD'S DAY!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gotta ask: Belly Bandit????

Okay haven't y'all heard about K.kardashian using the belly bandit??? It is that wrap thingie that you can use 24 hours post delivery and it is suppose to help you support your back and shrink your belly sooner. I have been looking at it and wondering if I should order it or not. So how many of you have used it? Or are planning on using it? Did it work? How did you pick your size? I think if I am going to order it I will do it as soon as I get home from the hospital b/c even though the website says you can use it if you had a c-section I don't think I would and I don't wanna waste money if I am not going to use it!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

37 weeks = FULL TERM!!!! (updated with pics)

I thought I was full term at 36 weeks b/c if you do the math you are 9 months pg by then, but I was wrong! I read on thebump that I am full term now!!! Wow, still amazes me!!! I just need to prepare myself for a lifetime of amazement b/c I know everytime I look at my sweet Noah I will be amazed that he is mine :D

There is nothing much new to report..same ole back pains and same ole nesting instinct one minute and super tired slacker mode the next. However, this maybe TMI but I have been going to the potty more lately...sorry but I read that is a sign of your body prepping for labor. I am excited about any signs of labor. Also, I read that we are getting a full moon next Wednesday, the 28th. Maybe that will kick me into labor...haha!!! Oh and my belly button may be starting to become an outie this week!! I really didn't think it would pop out, but it is getting there!

I am still craving lots and lots of chocolate, but are trying to cut back due to the caffeine. But I could seriously eat my weight in chocolate right now and that is ALOT.HA! I will post a pic later on when Todd gets home from work and I have actually taken a shower. I really need to get in the shower soon b/c I have this fear of going into labor and being all yucky and greasy haired. I know I won't be all glamorous or anything like that but I would really like for my hair to be freshly washed :D Our bags are packed, the cameras are charged, and I am ready to meet my little boy! Three more weeks...21 more days!!!! YAY!!!!

Four years later!!!

I was sitting on the couch (my couch now has a dent in it from where I have been sitting) this morning right before Todd left for work. After he leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss goodbye I realized something!! We are FINALLY where we have been wanting to be!

I graduated from Grad school in May of 06' and it was then that Todd and I decided to really start working on having a family. Well, we kinda decided this at the beginning of my last semester in Jan. 06. We both agreed that I would stay at home with all the kiddos we would easily and fast..might I add. We were sure that "it" would happen right away!!! Obviously I was wrong! I applied for a few jobs but secretly hoped they would all fall through b/c of said plan above. And they all did!! I was super content with working on making my new role a mommy role! It seemed like as soon as we decided to start ttc someone very close to us got pregnant!!! Then all of a sudden I could hear the clock ticking!!! Louder and Louder and somehow I knew in the way way back of my heart that this was going to be harder than we thought.

Now after many years of ttc, tons of being told to just relax, lots of medicine/shots/ultrasounds., and TONS of prayers we are where we wanted to be four years ago!!! But now looking back I know that I WOULD NOT change a thing! I know that sounds crazy, but this journey has taught me so much about myself. Not to mention it has totally changed my relationship with God. I actually learned how to love myself and be okay with being by myself. I started out staying at home and hating it, but now I LOVE it!! I also started out knowing the Lord, but not relying on Him. Through this I realized just how much I need HIM!!! How much I love HIM and how lost I am without HIM!!! It seems like God knew what Todd and I wanted and started molding us into the parents He wanted us to be right away! And I am not saying it wasn't not the HARDEST thing I have ever been through b/c it was and it has changed me forever! I will always look at a child and see the miracle that child truly is! I will always be an infertile woman!!! I mean even after Noah is here I won't be like other fertile women and be able to plan our second child out like clockwork!

All in all, it is fitting that Noah is due in May b/c that is when I graduated 4 years ago! And thus the 'journey for Noah' began!!!! Thank you Lord for seeing the bigger picture, for giving us the strength to make it here, the stubborness to keep going even when it seemed hopeless, and all of the love and support not only from You but from all of my sisters out there dealing with IF!!

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5

Friday, April 16, 2010

Back Woes!!!

I cannot wait to become a mommy! I was picking out mother's day cards yesterday and it was so different this time. I just couldn't find one that said what I wanted it to say...but with Todd's help we found some! I went ahead and bought mother's day and father's day gifts b/c I knew that I will not be getting out with a newborn to go shopping. Todd and I made it an all day shopping trip to make sure we finished up all the last minute errands we wanted to run before Noah arrives. Plus, we had a doctor's appt. and I am sad to say that she did not check me to see if I am showing any signs of labor!!! I was totally bummed! I made sure we had all of our bags just in case..yeah I was hoping big time..HAHA!!

I asked the dr. if I needed to call her earlier than most b/c we live an hour away from the hospital but she assured me that I would have plenty of time. She said to call when my contractions are 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart. And I have NO contractions to speak of!!! Not even braxton hicks contractions!!!! I have a feeling this little guy is in for the long haul!!! And I would be right on board if it wasn't for my back hurting soooo much. When Todd and I went shopping all day I had to just tough it out, but there were times when I just wanted to cry b/c it hurt so badly. And once it won't stop unless I am laying down on my side. The worst is when I go out to eat (my favorite pastime at the moment) and I can't even enjoy eating b/c it starts hurting. My doctor didn't seem to think it was a big deal and that it just comes with the territory. I have already decided that if I am blessed enough to have another child...I need to start working on my back muscles so that this won't be so bad next time!!!!!

Other than back woes I am doing great. Just daydreaming about my sweet boy and enjoying the nice weather. And I swear Maggie must know when I finally get situated on the couch and my back isn't hurting b/c that is when she needs to go out to potty and when I get back in I can never get back to a comfy position. It is driving me nuts! UGGG!!!! We SOOOO need a fence. I guess that is something I can put on my wish list!!!

Just a few more days and I will only have 3 weeks to go!!! Well, the most being 4 b/c I was told they would induce if I went to 41 wks! Here's to hoping I go before then!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

36 weeks!

36 weeks down and only 4 to go!!! I am hoping for less than four. I would have NEVER thought I would say that I am ready to be done with my pregnancy. And really I am not ready to be done with the pregnancy per se, just the backpains and heart flutters! Lately my back starts hurting alot when I sit too long, drive, stand, or just about do anything!! It is so annoying and once it starts the only thing that helps is for me to lay on my side...and sometimes that doesn't help. It makes me super tired when it hurts and so lately I have been just a good for nothing couch potato. Or should I say bed potato!!! And when you have all of these nesting urges it drives you even more nuts b/c you can't get up and do all of the things you want to get done. So I guess I am just ready for the backpains to STOP!!!!

As for my heart flutters, I went to my family doctor and talked to him about it. We decided that I should cut out all of my caffeine and stress/anxiety (yeah right) and see what happens. Well, so far I have and I haven't had any more heart spells. Now it is back to normal and beats really fast when I do anything like walking up the stairs...I am really out of shape!!

Other than those things I have just been driving myself nuts with to do lists and making sure we can get as much done before Noah arrives as possible. Todd asked me if I kept adding to our to do list b/c is seems like we get so much done and then there is more on the list. I know I am. Poor guy!!! But honestly, the list now only consists of a few minor things that really don't HAVE to be done.

We go back to the OB on thursday to do my strep test thingie and we are going to ck into cord blood banking. Maybe Noah will be weighing atleast 6lbs by then and I can really start to hope to deliver soon. I would NEVER want to delive too soon..only if and when Noah is ready :D But if he is ready early this momma will not complain :D hehe Okay I better get back to laying down before my back starts screaming again!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy busy bees!!!!

Yesterday was BUSY to say the least. Todd and I got up early and headed off for an entire day of shopping and getting errands D.O.N.E!!!! We had to take my camry to get all the recalls fixed, finish up shopping for Noah, buy essential hospital bag items, and buy a video camera (we don't have one and will need to get some footage of Noah's arrival)! When I type it out it doesn't sound like a lot, but we went from can to can't yesterday! And remember we live out in the country so we had to drive to "town" to do our shopping and traffic wasn't the greatest. I was so exhausted when we finally got home that I just passed out in the bed. I was a little nervous about doing so much walking b/c my heart did do that racing thing a few times and once I did get lightheaded. And towards the end of the day my back was yelling! I am glad I am going to the dr. tomorrow so I can discuss all of this with her.

And we encountered the NICEST ppl yesterday. Everyone was so polite and super helpful, which helped the day's tasks go by smoothly! Today I am going to be a huge couch potato and do NOTHING!!!! Well, that was the plan, but I just may do some laundry and make sure I have all of my t's crossed and i's dotted on my tada list! It feels great to know that I pretty much have everything done! And then something ends up being added to the never ending list...but I am sure all of the essentials are done.

Well, I better get back to my couch potato duties..hehe!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter Y'all!!!
I am 35 weeks today and have 35 days left to go!!! I can remember seeing other gals post about the 35/35 and always imagined how awesome it would be to be able to experience being 35 weeks pg and only having 35 days to go!! And now I am there!!! I still cannot believe it!
The thing that keeps reminding me is that I am sooo uncomfortable right now!!! For the past two days my back has been hurting ALOT!!!! It starts out hurting when I am sitting down to eat and then it seems like no matter how I sit, stand, or lay it just hurts! I am assuming it is b/c my belly has grown even bigger and now my back is paying the price. However, I plan on talking to my doctor Thursday to make sure. And remember how my heart starts beating really fast out of the blue, well it did it today and I got that is another question I will be asking my doctor. And I haven't had any braxton hicks contractions or any contractions...shouldn't I be having some by now???? Okay, so now I have a list of questions for my dr.
We had an awesome Easter and got to spend tons of time with our family. I became exhausted too early b/c of my back, but overall it was a great day! I kept imagining that Noah will almost be a year old next Easter. I can't even imagine my little guy being almost one!!

Here are some stats on Noah from babycenter.....Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (pick up a honeydew melon). Because it's so snug in your womb, he isn't likely to be doing somersaults anymore, but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same. His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

And here are some stats on me....
How Far Along: 35 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss: gained ALOT..enough said
Best Moment of the Week: doing maternity pictures
Movement: oh yes, he is kicking me in my ribs alot these days, but mommy doesn't mind at all
Food Craving: chicken and chocolate..the two essential C's!!!
Food aversions: nothing
Symptoms: backaches and heartburn!!
Gender: Beautiful Bouncing Boy!
Labor Signs: none, which is starting to worry me!
Belly Button: in
What I miss: sleeping through the night without getting up to tinkle or switch sides
What I'm looking forward to: having everything ready for Noah's arrival
Milestones: 35 days to go!!!! he could be here anyday now!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Maternity Pictures @ 34 wks and 4 days!!!

Yesterday we took some pictures to capture me in all my pg glory :D We are cheapos so we just used our camer and Todd took the pictures of me alone and Todd's sister (Kristy) took the pictures of Todd and I (and Maggie too). I think they turned out great and am so glad to have these to capture this very special moment in our lives!!!

We did the heart picture with both of our hands! We already love this little guy so much!

I think this is one of my favorites!!! You can just see the excitement in Todd's face!

One with our first born..hehe

And another with Miss Maggie May! I made sure that she and I matched!

One with Noah's name in letter blocks!

Okay here are some of just me! And Noah of course!

We used the gown that Todd's sissy used in her maternity pictures!

Thinking about my Noah :D

Can't wait to meet my little boy!

I love this one b/c it shows how big my belly has gotten!!

I am not sure how we are going to chose which one to print and frame, so I am planning on making a photo album on snapfish! Then I can use them all!! I have been working super hard to make sure we have all that we need for Noah's arrival. We put the carseat in the car yesterday and I am LOVING how it looks in there. I have always wanted a carseat in my car!!! We have bottles, bibs, burp clothes, Noah's clothes, diapers, wipes, blankies, pacifiers, toys, and tons more! So I am thinking we are ready!!!!! There are just a few more things I want done, but nothing that has to be done before Noah arrives. We have planned on going to babies r us on Tuesday to finish up some shopping :D
Now, I just need to pack some bags for the hospital and we are a GO!!!! I am debating on what to pack for Noah! I am thinking of packing some gowns and a few onesies! And I am going to bring blankets for swaddling and pacifiers. Of course, I will pack his going home outfit, which was Todd's going home outfit. Should I pack a complete diaper bag too (with diapers, wipes, bottles, etc)?? And as for me, I was thinking pj bottoms and a comfy shirt...maybe a gown (not sure), and a super comfy outfit for going home. I have some sweat pants that I have been wearing this entire pregnancy so I am just going to wear them home. I am not a fancy girl so I know I won't feel like dressing up to go home. Is there anything else I need for me (besides shampoo, conditioner, etc)??? And I told Todd to pick out something comfy to bring to the hospital too. I have heard to bring tons of change for the vending machine for Todd. Any other ideas??? I know that our stay at the hospital is unknown and we could be there for just a day or for several days, so it is hard to know what to pack. Plus, I tend to overpack!!! And we live about an hour from the hospital so I don't want Todd having to drive to get things. So any advice is super welcomed!!!
I hope everyone has an AMAZING Easter! And remembers what Easter is all about! Todd and my favorite verse sums it up! "God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners Christ died for us" Romans 5:8 Because HE lives!!!!!!! Thank You Lord for sending your ONLY Son to die for our sins and PRAISE God that HE rose!!! HE LIVES!!!!