Friday, March 12, 2010

My yesterday!

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday and was super happy to see my favorite doctor! At my doctor's office I see a different doctor each time to ensure that I see them all! They don't know who will be on call when I go into labor so I am glad that I will have atleast met all of the doctors and won't be surprised when I do go into labor. Although I do wish my favorite doctor will be the one to deliver Noah!!! I am measuring right on time and Noah's hb sounds GREAT!!! I am so bad that I forgot all of the numbers b/c I was trying to remember all the questions I had for her! And even though I am still gaining weight she told me all looks perfect, so I decided not to even pay any attention to my wt gain!! UGG!!! This will be hard to do when I am starting to outgrow my current maternity pants, and am in serious need of some new pants. I don't even want to buy anymore pants! They are so expensive and plus I have to try them on and that is NO fun!!! Can't I just wear pj type pants til May??? Thank God I don't have to worry about what to wear for a job each day!

One of my questions I asked I thought I would share in case anyone else maybe experiencing the same thing. Sometimes my heart just starts racing for no reason. Fore example, I was in the bed the other night chilling and my heart just started racing like I had just ran a marathon! The dr. assured me that this was normal unless it was accompanied by being lightheaded or having trouble breathing. She said it was my hearts way of catching up on all the new bloodflow and wt my body now has.

Yesterday I felt like I was trying to walk through mud all day or even swim in mud. My arms felt heavy and everything just felt hard. I was super tired so after going to the doctor and taking my sweety some lunch I went home and crashed! I was excited yesterday b/c I got to talk to my brother for a long time. He lives out of state with my sissy in law and I miss them soooo much!!! It was sooo great to hear his voice and catch up! Love U Bubba!! I was also excited about yesterday b/c it was my momma's birthday!!! So after my nap I went over to my parent's house to spend some time with my sweet momma. She is an amazing momma and I could just eat her up!!! My Aunt stopped by to visit too and I just felt like it was my lucky day b/c I had not seen her in long time and was missing her too!!! Todd had to work and my niece Anna Claire has strep so it was just us daddy, momma, and me...oh and Noah too!! We had fun chatting and then settled in later in the evening on the couches and watched CSI.

So that was my yesterday :D My first shower is this weekend!! Very exciting!!! I still cannot believe we are here!!! I will post pics from the shower! Happy Friday to all!!!! Hope y'all have an amazing weekend!! And I hope it is sunny and nice this wkend!!! We shall see!!

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The Sherrill Family said...

Hope you have a wonderful shower!!!! xoxo