Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My day in pictures!!

I had TONS of errands to run today! First, I had to get a haircut for the maternity pictures on thursday.

Then I wanted to get a mani/pedi, but the local nail spa wasn't opened, so I opted for some bkfast instead..hehe I love me some Hardees!!!

After stuffing myself, I headed to town to wally world. Yes, you know you live in the country when you have to drive atleast 20 minutes to get to the nearest wally world! HA!!! I bought some letter blocks to use in the pictures. I have already pulled out the letters for Noah's name and they are sooo cute! I love my little boy's name :D

I lucked up b/c in "town" a nail spa was open, so I decided to get my mani/pedi and be ready for the upcoming flip flop weather! I LOVE flip flops and during the summer that is ALL I wear! I haven't had a mani/pedi in FOREVER so it was a nice treat. My feet were very thankful b/c I think my feet are starting to swell (or they are getting really fat..HA!!!) My tootsies were in need of some lovins!

After being pampered I went and got Toby some lunch. He worked his 14 hour day today, so I had to make sure my sweety was fed!!! Then I went to a local mom and pop shop to search for some pj bottoms! Unfortunately, I ripped my only pair of pjs that still fit me. And I am a PJ loving woman, but I am VERY picky. The material of the pants has to be super soft, so I am sad to say that I did not find any pj bottoms. I am hoping I can find some soon, b/c I practically live in them at home.

After all of that running around, I was EXHAUSTED!!!! I trecked the 20 or so minutes back home and started some laundry. Even though I was super tired my nesting instincts started to kick in and I could not stop. I even worked on Noah's baby book a little and made out a thank you note for a gift we recently recieved. Then Maggie and I layed on the couch to watch some dr. phil (which was about how stay at home moms have tons of time on their hands..that subject is for another post) and I fell asleep! I guess that should not have been a surprise b/c I was so tired!

After I woke up from my little nap, I folded clothes and straightened up the house! Plus, I think Maggie knew it was super nice outside b/c she went to the door a million times. So in between everything I was taking her out and begging her to hurry up and tinkle! All the while I kept thinking how am I going to get all of this done with Noah in my arms!!!

Well, that was my day...what was yours like???


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Ohhh that Maggie! I could just eat her up. I took the boys to get their haircut! They look so cute too! They would just love Maggie!

Dana said...

Sarah~ yes our furbabies would have so much fun together :D I am taking maggie to get a hair cut tomorrow! Poor little thing has been neglected and looks pitiful.

The Patterson's said...

Sounds like a great day! A pedicure towards the end of pregnancy is wonderful!!

Hua said...

Hey Dana,

It's awesome that you got so much done, and good luck finding some PJs that you like. I know what it's like to very particular when it comes to certain clothes.

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Alissa said...

I also had a pedi at the end of my pregnancy and I remember all the nurses oogling over my toes! :-) I'm also a Hardee's lover...unfortunatley we only have one left in our area. Can't wait to see the maternity pics!