Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am very mad at maternity clothes at the moment!! And I could be mad at my body, but I told myself that I would not do that! I am giving myself a break for being pregnant and blaming it on the clothes!!! I went today to try and find something to wear to my other baby showers and had NO luck!!! I don't want to wear that dress I wore to my first shower b/c I was SUPER uncomfortable in it. The closest maternity store is about 40 minutes away, so I headed to "town" hoping I would have awesome luck! My complaints with maternity shirts are that they show TONS of cleavage, are itchy, fit in the tummy but not anywhere else, make my girls look HUGE, are the ugliest colors, and are super expensive!!!

And the pants are just as bad! I bought a pair of jeans a few weeks back and now they fit everywhere except the belly. They are starting to push in on my belly really hard and I don't want to hurt Noah!!! So I now need a new pair, and my problem with the jeans is that my behind is HUGE so nothing will fit over it!!! And when I find a pair of jeans that might work, they are $50!!! There is NO way I am paying that much for jeans that I might wear for 6 weeks!!! I looked for khaki pants, but they were itchy...so I didn't even try them on. If you haven't noticed a trend here, I am VERY sensitive to the way clothes feel. They have to be SUPER soft for me to even consider trying them on. Then while in the dressing room I was sweating to death b/c the place was like an inferno! And they had these lights pointed towards you that were just radiating more heat. I finally gave up b/c trying on jeans while sweating is just counterproductive!!!!

So I guess I am going to have to wear some khakis that are a bit tight on me to my next two showers. And I have NO idea which shirt to wear. At this point I may show up in my pajamas, which by the way are getting snug!!! OH JEEZ!!! I am soooo thankful I was not pregnant in the summer!! Today the weather was nice out maybe around the low 60s and I was miserable!! So now I am hoping for the weather to stay nice and chilly til Noah gets here!!! Not cold, just chilly enough so I don't drench myself in sweat everytime I go outside :D

All this shopping has exhausted me, so I foresee a nap in my future or atleast some good couch time!!!!


Lindsay said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile, but have never commented! I know how frustrating it can be those last 6 weeks or so when you don't really want to spend much money but want to have some confidence too! My suggestion would be to find a non-maternity dress that has an empire waist or has extra fabric around the belly. You might have to go up a size, but the styles right now almost make it ok for you to wear non-maternity clothes. You could get something like this


or this


and wear a shrug,cardigan or jean jacket on top. I could feel your frustration and wanted to offer some advice! Good luck!

shauna said...

Awww! Maternity shirts/dresses are ridiculously low. You have now hit the point where you start getting ready for baby to come. It's like you will miss being pg, but you're so glad Noah is here. Before I had Jakob nothing fit. I had one skirt that was huge on me before that I could wear and a couple shirts that were still long enough and that was it. Being pg in the summer is no fun(!) I can definitely attest to that. I hope you can find something to be comfortable in when you have your shower! I say if the pj's fit then wear em :)
Luv ya.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Target... they have cheap maternity stuff. :)

Jackie said...

Sometimes great buys can be had at consignment shops or thrift stores. It was a long time ago that I was pregnant but I do remember how I felt and what a treat it was to find gently used garments that fit in the most unlikely place, a used baby gear and clothing consignment shop with a rack of maternity wear in the back. I found a lovely dress, a pair of slacks and a top that fit me perfectly and got me through to the end in style Use the yellow pages to make a list of such stores, phone to see if they have a mat section then head out and see what you can find, you may be pleasantly surprised. Also ask God to direct you to great deals, He’s there and He cares.

Alissa said...

Check out eBay for some cheaper maternity clothes. Look up the ones that you tried on and already know that fit. The dress you wore to your church shower looked fabulous on you...just wear that! :-)

Alissa said...

Oh, and for the "cleavagey" shirts, would you be able to wear a cami under those? Just an idea. I hated shopping for maternity clothes too...but I guess I was lucky cuz I never had to get more. With my pants I always hat the panel that went over my whole belly. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Amy said...

I was horribly uncomfortable the last 20 or so weeks with my first daughter and am now 22 weeks with my second so I know how you feel. Have you tried Old Navy? You can usually find some good deals there and also at Burlington Coat Factory (of all places!) and Target.
Good luck!!

Alissa said...

Oh yes, consignment stores ROCK!! :-) We are so blessed to have such a great community of support via the Internet, aren't we?!

Alissa said...

Dana - this has nothing to do with maternity clothes. Have you thought about cloth diapering at all? I'm a stay at home mom and I LOVE cloth dipes! (no one is paying me to say this!) If you want more info email me at mrsalissap at yahoo dot com and let me know! :-)

Jennifer said...

I am pregnant with my 1st as well and when I pay more than I'd like for maternity clothes I just tell myself I'll wear them when Im pregnant next time...wishful thinking helps! And I highly recommend cotton empire waist dresses (I got a few from old navy.com for super cheap), they are soooo comfy and a little cardigan/jacket dresses them up. Good luck!