Friday, March 19, 2010

Flip Flop weather and daydreams about Noah!

First of all, thank y'all for all of the advice on how to cope with these last few weeks and clothes! I have a day planned with my sissy on Monday so maybe we can find some comfy and inexpensive sundresses to last me til Noah gets here...and after he is here too :D

I am psyched b/c I was able to wear flip flops for the first time this year! But I realized I am in need of a pedicure...really bad!!! hehe Today has been beautiful! The sun is shining and the temp is around 70 degrees!!! The sky is the prettiest shade of blue with huge cotton ball like clouds just floating by! I wish the weather was like this year round!!! Our day lilies are starting to bloom and I can feel the excitement of all of the fun things summer entails just around the corner. And this summer is even more special b/c Noah will be here!!!! I couldn't resist taking Maggie for a walk around the neighborhood, but only got a few houses down before I decided that I better turn back if I wanted to make it home without having to stop and rest :D Maggie was on cloud nine! She loves being outside and loves going on walks and I don't think she minded that it was a short walk.

This weather makes me wish we had a pool. I LOVE swimming or really just floating..HEHE! And right now I would love just floating in a pool and relaxing. It seems like I am starting to get more and more uncomfortable and can't seem to get comfy. Last night I kept trying to get situated on the couch, but it seemed like any position I was in made something hurt. It is odd how all of a sudden this is happening. I am glad that my showers are this wkend and next wkend. I don't think I could have handled any shower later in my pregnancy. Which by the way, I am super excited about my upcoming showers. It still seems like a dream and I still cannot believe that I am pregnant and far enough along to have a baby shower. On the way to my first shower that was last wkend I cried. I cried happy tears b/c it hit me that I was pregnant and this baby was going to be here very soon!! It hit me that we made it to a point in our lives that I didn't know we could ever make it to! I had so many emotions at once!

As you all know, the journey of IF is such a rollercoaster of emotions. And it changes who you are forever. It changes the way you look at the world, and I am forever changed. At that moment when we were on our way to the shower I just wanted to take a snapshot of that exact moment and keep that memory forever. It was such a special moment and I know there are many..many more to come. I am so thankful to our wonderful and amazing Lord that I have been able to experience pregnancy. And I am even more thankful for Noah!

Todd and I discussed the delivery at lunch today and I guess I had another moment. It just hit me how close we are to meeting our precious son. This sunday I will be 33 weeks so if Noah came 2 weeks early we are looking at just 5 weeks lefts. Of course, if he is on time..only 7 more weeks! Not much time left either way! Talking about the delivery made me wonder, will I go into labor on my own, or will I be late and have to be induced. Will the laboring be long or short. I just have no clue what to expect. One thing I don't want to experience is a c-section. I hate surgery and have been praying this entire pregnancy that I won't have to have a c-section. Todd was so cute when we were discussing this, he just had this glow on his face. I know he is just as excited as I am to meet our little guy!

Well, I am going to go and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and daydream about Noah! I hope y'all have a great weekend. I will post shower pics after sunday! Love to all!!

a pic i took a few summers ago, it reminds me of summer and all of God's beautiful creations!


momof5girls said...

Noah will be born in one of the most beautiful times of the year in Georgia! You'll always remember the emotions you feel with him each year when you smell the new spring smells and the feel of being able to break out of the cocoon of winter. Do you have a body pillow? Sometimes they are a great help with the last month or two of pregnancy. You can constantly bend them until you get them tucked just right. Hope you can get some good rest before Mr. Man gets here. Just remember to sleep when you can before and when he arrives. Just pray about the whole delivery. I was terrified about the C-section, but once it comes down to it, all you really want is a healthy baby. Shauna was a remarkable testimony through hers. We'll keep praying for you, Todd and Noah.

Amber said...

Im so with you on the csection Ive been praying not to have one as well but know that whatever God has in store to get the precious miracle out I will survive.

This weather Im also wishing it would stay forever and ever that would be nice!