Thursday, March 25, 2010

Doctor's Appointment and Ta da list!

I had another doctor's appt. today and I am happy to report that all is just perfect. I decided not to really pay attention when I was weighed, so as far as I know I haven't gained that much..HA!!! My belly is measuring at 34 weeks which is right on schedule since I am 33 wks and 4 days today. And Noah's hb was 155 bpm. He even kicked while she was listening and that just made my day :D I asked her about my belly size b/c so many ppl have been telling me that my belly is not that big. And well, add hormones to the mix and it has been upsetting me. After the sixth comment or so you start to worry that maybe something is wrong. My dr. reassured me that b/c this is my first baby my ab muscles are still very tight and holding the baby in. She showed me when she measured my belly how far down Noah is and told me that my belly size is just perfect. She said when I have my second child I will get bigger faster and show bigger b/c my ab muscles will have stretched. I just loved hearing the words second child come out of her mouth so effortlessly. I couldn't help but get caught up in it too!!! She suspects Noah is weighing around 4 lbs right now. Atleast now I have a response to all of those comments. And the annoying thing is usually the comment of "ur belly is not big at all" is followed by how big and fat my face is! And these comments are coming from women that have had children. You would think they would remember how sensitive you can be about your body while you are pregnant. I guess not!

I go back to the dr. in two weeks and then we will start seeing the doc every week! Time is flying by way TOOO fast! I have been working on getting ready for Noah. I have to admit there has been some panic b/c it feels so overwhelming! And it seems like there is always something to do so I feel like I am behind. I plan on writing my thank you notes for my second shower today. I want to keep on top of them and get them done within a week from the shower, so I better get on it!!!! Now I just have one more shower and then Todd and I will go shopping and make sure we have everything we need for Noah. I went through all of Noah's clothes and it was super confusing! There are so many different sizes, 0-3 mos, 3 mos, 3-6 mos, s,m,l, premie, and nb. And some 0-3 mos clothes are just as big as the 6 mos. clothes. CRAZY confusing! My nesting has kicked in so I put all the clothes in size order. Now I just need to figure out how many gowns, pjs, onesies, shorts, pants, etc. that I will need.

I have decided to do some maternity pictures next week. Well, we are just gonna get a family member or a friend to take a few pictures. So that means that I have to get my hair cut, todd's hair cut, and maggie groomed. Plus, this is a great excuss for a mani and a pedi! :D There's tons of other things I need to get done, but I won't bore you with the details or my OCD behavior! I hope everyone has a blessed wkend!! Love to all!!


Birdee said...

I'm beginning to think that no matter how big or small you are in a pregnancy, the comments are bothersome. I was "HUGE" if you asked some people, and it upset me. To others I was so small, and it pissed me off "I am not small, I have a beautiful HUGE Belly!" Lol, there was just no pleasing me ::cheese grin::

Dana said...

I agree :D I am sure if ppl were saying I was huge I would be upset too!! I think the best thing to say to a pg woman is "you look amazing" and leave it at that..HA! These hormones make me so sensitive and I was already super sensitive to begin with..hehe

Shelly said...

I think you look like a glowing pregnant woman! Enjoy this time, because it passes way tooooo fast!