Thursday, March 4, 2010

Belly shots and Noah's 3D!!!

30 weeks and 4 days BELLY SHOTS!!

Our sweet little Noah <3

Well, we are going back next Tuesday to try to get more pictures of Noah! He was turned towards my back and then when he did turn he put his little hands in front of his face. This was the best shot we got the entire time. He is a cutie though!!! This is a profile shot and you can see his little nose!!! I am so proud to report that he is healthy and weighing 3lbs and 9 oz!!! She guessed he could weigh around 7.5 lbs when he is born!!! And we were so relieved to find out that he is still a boy..HA!!! His heartbeat was 138bpm and he was just PERFECT, but a little bit stubborn! He even through up a peace sign one time while we were trying to get him to move his little hands out from in front of his face. Such a character just like his daddy! I am in for it..hehe I am exhausted after that appointment and my belly is sore from all of the poking she did to try and get him to move!!!


Amber said...

aww how sweet:) So just curious you said you were going back I was always wondering do you have to pay for an additional time? I cant wait for ours Im sure Morgan will be just as stubborn she likes to put her hands over her face...haha

you are looking great love the little heart so cute

Dana said...

Amber~ they aren't going to charge us for our next visit. I was shocked about that for sure! I guess they know that sometimes you just can't help how the baby will behave. I am hoping he cooperates next time..HAHA!!! Drink lots and lots of water weeks before the appt. that is what the lady told me to do!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Precious! That is so nice that they aren't charging you for another visit!

Ashley said...

soooo cute!! It's getting close!! Enjoy the last few weeks;)