Sunday, March 14, 2010

32 weeks = 8 months!!! WOW!!!!

Weekly Round Up!!!
How Far Along: 32 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss: at my last appt. I had gained 36 lbs!!! Yeah, UGG!
Maternity Clothes: everything is maternity
Best Moment of the Week: Our first shower, FUN!!!!
Movement: Noah is active in spurts! He has his times of the day when he is a moving and a grooving!! It kinda is like my belly becomes a wave when he is moving, oh and he started getting hiccups for the first time. That was cool!! Todd even got to feel them!
Food Craving: same old stuff, chicken and french fries, milk, and chocolate
Food aversions: the other night I had some massive heartburn and it made me sick (left a bad taste in my mouth that was sweet), so right now I don't want anything super sweet, so NO chocolate for me now!
Morning sickness: none
Gender: Beautiful Bouncing Boy!!! NOAH WESLEY!
Labor Signs: None so far and I hope they stay away for a few more weeks!
Belly Button: IN and stretched out!
What I miss: turkey sandwiches
What I'm looking forward to: Our second shower this weekend!
Milestones: I am 8 months prego now! YAY!!!!


Amber said...

Happy 32 weeks and 8 months wow time is ticking quicker and quicker it seems like:)

Looks like the shower was a ton of fun with lots of good food and gifts

Birdee said...

Holy cow, you meet you little boy in 8 weeks! (give or take) ;)

The Patterson's said...

Wow...32 weeks! Time is flying. Noah will be here before you know it!

momof5girls said...

Hip hip hooray! 8 weeks away! I am so excited for you! Well on the matter of your clothes getting uncomfortable, you will need them for a few weeks after Noah gets here but they will be much more comfy. With the nicer weather coming just go out and find some cute sun dresses you can wear a little cardigan over or a t-shirt under or a few cute drawstring skirts that will still be fashionable through the summer. I am so excited to see this little man on the outside! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You've got like the smallest bump for 32 weeks!