Wednesday, February 3, 2010

teen mom vent and the HAPS!!

Do any of you watch Teen Mom on mtv?? I have just been able to start watching it for obvious reasons, and it is making me so mad. They had the reunion show hosted by Dr. Drew the other night and I just watched it. I could not believe my ears when I heard Dr. Drew say that most dads don't love their kids like the mom does. He made it sound like it was okay not to feel connected to your child or even adore your child. I just wanted to jump through the screen and scream at him!!!

Here is a little bit of background on the show just in case you aren't like me and watch junk tv! There is a couple on the show and the dad (ryan) is a jerk!!! He acts like he could go the rest of his life without even seeing his child and could care less!! On the show he is always going out to party and always shown in the background either sleeping or on the phone texting. He is never shown helping and when maci asks him to help he pouts about it and starts and argument. All I can say is COMMUNICATION!!!! Anyways, I just cannot believe that Dr. Drew said that and this is a show a lot of teenagers watch and I don't want them to get the idea that it is okay for the father to be absent and not care. Dr. Drew said that all men are that way!!!

Dr. Drew has obviously not met my Todd!!! Todd is already smitten with Noah. He kisses my belly all of the time and talks to Noah. He has even sung to him!! The men that I do know that are absent fathers are jerks and that is that!!! There are tons of fathers out there that are loving, tuned in dads!!!! Okay, I am getting off of my soapbox now..hehe Just had to get that out!!!

Now on the pregnancy front!! I cannot believe how hard it is to do little things. Remember my list from Monday?? Well, I got it all done, but I am still exhausted from doing it. And while I was cleaning the toilets I thought I wouldn't make it through! I am guessing that my 3rd trimester has started to hit me hard b/c I am all of a sudden totally and utterly exhausted ALL of the time!!! I am sure that not sleeping well has something to do with it! And please don't think I am complaining, I am not! I am just documenting my pregnancy...and I wanna document ALL of it. And food aversions have come back. I made my figure friendly chicken last night and couldn't eat it b/c I didn't like the smell. Of course, the heartburn is still here and I am sure is here to stay for a while...BOOOOO!!!

Noah is still so active and I just LOVE it. I really know now why moms say that they miss feeling their LO move the most after their LOs are born. I know I am going to miss that alot!!! It makes you feel so connected. Noah has been getting behind my belly button and that has been making me feely queasy. I am not sure if that is normal but it feels weird to me. I just love this little guy oh so much already!!!!

Maybe I will get a 26 week belly pic on here...once I can get one where I am in regular clothes and looking halfway decent...oh and there is someone to take the picture. It seems like when Todd gets home from work I am already in my pjs and have my hair up in a pony!!! Happy hump day to y'all!!!


shauna said...

I saw "16 and pregnant" the first time when Catelynn and Tyler were giving their baby up for adoption and even though it was sad that they were so young having a baby they were so mature about their decision, and I was so thankful for the gift they gave to the adoptive family. Watching with a heart that's been through IF we see things differently than most people. I like watching Tyler and Catelynn, but Maci is stupid and needs to get away from her boyfriend for good. She keeps saying that her son needs his dad, but he doesn't have a dad because the man who helped conceive him is a loser...I do not believe most dads are absent in a relationship with their children. Jeremy has always loved Jakob, and now that Jakob is getting more personality and recognizing his daddy Jeremy is so smitten with him. As you can see that show annoys me to death most of the time, but I do love Cate and Tyler!
(and have you noticed how dysfunctional most of their families are??? )
It is the most awesome feeling to have a little human being living in your belly. Cherish every moment! I cannot wait to see little Mr. Noah and for you and Todd to experience parenthood for yourselves!

Amber said...

that is absolutely absurd to say that about fathers. I know chad loves our little Morgan so much too and would do anything that makes me mad too so maybe its a good thing I didnt see it:)

I usually do the picture with a timer so maybe you can do one with that:)

Terri said...

Next time you make that chicken and decide you don't want it, please call me and I will gladly take if off your hands.:)
As for the teen mom thing, that is a load of crap. I have watched it several times and all of the families on that show are crazy!!!! I can't believe that dr said that about dads. You know how Brent is about his 2 girls. He loves his little monkeys. He is very excited about taking them to the father/daughter banquet tonight. They are getting dressed up and everything!!! I think that if he didn't care about his girls, he would care less about going, but he is toooooo excited. Love ya sis!!

Dana said...

Hey sissy! I will have to remember to call ya the next time I plan on throwing away that chicken..hehe And I cannot wait to see pics and hear about the banquet! Brent is going to be the coolest dad there!!! And the girls are going to be have sooo much fun!!! Love U 2!!