Thursday, February 11, 2010

PG body and what to pack for the hospital

I had a little meltdown last night! As I was getting into my pjs I happened to see myself in the mirror. I was NOT happy with what I saw. I saw more cellulite!!!! I am no stranger to cellulite or stretch marks! I am a curvy girl and have always had a big bum..hehe But what I saw was scary!!!!! I know that cellulite is here to stay, but I am praying that after Noah is born it will go down a little bit. Did anyone else have this problem?? Not to get too specific but it was on my upper thigh near the bum...and it was almost like I had knots on my leg. It is hard to get a good look at anything lately with this belly, but Todd was quick to assure me that I was gorgeous and had nothing to worry about!!!! He is such a "STUD" as my friend Lori would say!!! Which basically means that he is an amazing top notch man!!!! I used to think of the term stud and think of just a hunky buff guy...but nope it is much more!! Neways, I am still trying to come to terms that my body is 'a changing'!!! And now I am realizing that it will be changed forever, but totally well worth it all!!!!!!

As of late I have been wondering what to pack for the hospital (for me). I have asked a few ppl and have been told to pack a gown instead of pj pants or just plan on wearing the hospital gown. And if I do plan on wearing the hospital gown I should make sure to have a nursing bra or tank to wear under it b/c it may be kinda itchy! I am planning on finding a gown b/c I am very sensitive to fabrics. Then I plan on wearing some comfy jogging type pants and a t-shirt home. And I HATE not wearing pj pants so I am going to have to find some tall socks to cover my legs. I haven't even begun to research what to bring for Noah, so any suggestions would be great!!! I was planning on going shopping today, but Todd's truck didn't start this morning so he took my car....needless to say I am homebound!!!! I may take Todd to work tomorrow so I can get out and do some shopping. Plus, I need to get out of the house!!! Maybe I can find a gown for the hospital :D The weekend is almost here and I am excited b/c Todd is off of work!!! YAY!!!!

Apparently we are getting some snow tomorrow! I had heard this but was in denial b/c we have been told we were gonna get snow here in GA before and it never happened. So my plans for shopping have been put on hold!! And I am so bummed b/c I have been craving capt. d's...i know i know!!! I love their chicken! Go figure!!! So I guess that will have to wait!! BUMMER!! I am also worried b/c Todd will have to go to work tomorrow in the snow...and we are not prepared to handle snow down here in georgia so I am not sure how the roads will be. I am praying that the snow comes tonight and maybe he can have a long wkend!!!


Ashley said...

Hi! I wore the hospital gown the first day because I was in the bed pretty much the whole day while the epidural wore off. The next 2 days i wore pj's and didn't find a problem with them. THey had nursing tops. Make sure you pack some snacks. I was so glad that I had granola bars during the night because you get sooo hungry!! For the baby I kept her in the hospital outfit most of the time because the clothes I brought didn't fit well. I would recommend bringing at least one outfit in preemie size. Even though the clothes say newborn they were really big on McKenzie and she weighed 7lbs 5oz. I would also make sure that you bring your own toiletries. Putting on makeup everyday and taking a shower made me feel SOOO much better. We also brought our laptop which was nice. Hope this helps

The Patterson's said...

I have to say that I tried not to look at my behind during pregnancy! :-) I have always carried my weight in my butt/thighs so I am sure it was gross. My problem with the weight gain has come until now...I have always had a pretty flat/firm stomach and as you can guess, it is anything but that right now. During pregnancy, it was fine because it was all baby. Now, the baby is out and I'm ready for it to be "back to normal" or better! ha! I know it's only been a week, but it is a tough thing to get used to. I totally understand how you are feeling!

As for the hospital bag...I packed quite a few things that people recommended and didn't use 1/2 of them (ie: robe, ipod). I wore the hospital gown with the bra I went to the hospital in until I took my shower the day after Drake was born. Then, I put on pj pants and a nursing tank for the last two days in the hospital which was perfect. I'm not much on night gowns so this was comfortable for me. I would highly recommend taking lanolin cream for your nipples if you plan on nursing (a friend suggested putting it on after every feeding, and I think it has helped me feel better), snacks (for you and'll be starving after delivery), camera/cell phone with chargers, laptop (I loved having mine to still feel "normal".), and a journal or something similar to keep track of the timeline of l/d, visitors, gifts, etc. You will truly treasure that first shower!! Hope this is helpful!