Monday, February 1, 2010

Idle hands are the devil's playground!!!!

Things I need to get done today:
  • laundry: wash, dry, fold, and put up all clothes, towels, and Noah's things
  • clean all three bathrooms
  • tidy up the house

Things I need to get done tomorrow:

  • dust entire house..YIKES that is a lot of dusting!!
  • pick up my sissy and neecy poos after school and take them to dance and then home
  • cook dinner

Okay I know it sounds like a lot and I am suppose to be taking it easy, but I have spaced everything out and have been making sure I sit down and rest in between each chore! Todd's mom is coming over on Wednesday to sweep, mop, and vacuum so I must get everything else done beforehand!!! (I am so thankful for her help!!!!) I mean it would be silly for her to sweep and vacuum when I haven't even dusted, right!!! So I am on a mission!!! God says we should be active and I plan on being active!! Plus, when I am idle for too long it gets me down. I still feel a little bit guilty for putting so much on my plate right after we had the contractions scare saturday night! Did y'all watch the duggar show that was on last night? It scared me even more b/c their little baby is about the same size Noah is right now! I cried watching that show and prayed that Noah stays in for a lot longer!!!!!! I am thankful to report that I have not had anymore contractions!!!! Praise God!!!

Lately I have been wondering when would be a good time to do maternity photos. I had planned on asking my sissy, Terri, to take our picture. I just don't think my belly is quite big enough just yet, but I don't want to wait too long and end up being miserable for the photo session. What do y'all think? Plus, I need to come up with some ideas for posing and ideas for pretty places to take the pictures. Not to mention what I am going to wear!! Any advice y'all have is greatly appreciated!!!

Well, I am off to conquer this enormous mound of laundry!!!! Hope y'all are having a Marvelous Monday!!!!


Hope said...

I think pictures would be good between 28 and 30 weeks. Your tummy rounds out, but you aren't really swollen and miserable at that point!

shauna said...

I think that around 32 weeks is a good time for maternity pics, though of course everyone grows differently. I just know myself that I loved my tummy and felt so beautiful around 32 weeks. I am glad you haven't had any more contractions! I never had braxton hicks, but I never dialated on my own either!!! I say do what you feel like doing, if your body tells you it's too much then take it easy :)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

If you need to clean your house you should get one of those Monkeys they used to advertise on Saturday Night Live! Hahaha. I wonder if they sell them anywhere. I need to get one because my bathroom is a mess :)