Friday, February 19, 2010

Gotta start learning to go with the flow!!!

Todd and I have been working so hard to get Noah's room ready!!!! And I have been so stressed out lately and I am sure once you see why you will think I am silly!! Yesterday it was FINALLY nice weather outside so Todd started painting the changing table my sissy gave us. It was white so we needed to paint it brown to match the other furniture in Noah's room. I had been told several times that the paint may not stick b/c of the glossy surface on the changing table. Well, that was an understatement!!!! The paint did not stick well, so Todd had to spray on a TON of paint to get all the spots. He had to paint some, let it dry, paint some more, then repeat..repeat..repeat. He finally finished it today and I have to say I am on the fence on whether or not we like it. The paint has gathered in a lot of places and so there are a lot of parts that do not look smooth. I am torn b/c I want to save money and be frugal, but at the same time I want Noah's nursery to be perfect :D I have looked at several changing tables from BRU and even the one that matches the crib from JCP, but wouldn't you know that all of the ones I like are on back order!!!! We plan on letting the table dry today and then we can see how it looks in Noah's room! I am hoping it works!!! But if not, I guess I need to learn to go with the flow!!

Which leads me to my next stressor. We were planning on painting the glider and ottoman my sissy gave us as well!!! It is white and has that glossy finish too!!! Let's just say that Todd and I are both DONE with DIY projects and have decided against trying to paint the glider!! With it being white it doesn't match the nursery at all, so I decided to put the glider in our room. I am thinking that to begin with Noah is going to be in our room in his bassinet. And I cannot imagine just sitting in Noah's room just to rock him then running to our room to put him in his bassinet. Then I thought we could just move the glider back into his room when we move him into his own bed. I really want to make everything as functional as possible. And at first I was concerned about how Noah's room would look without a glider in it...well I figured that one out too! We would just put the glider in there til right before he gets here. Then anyone that wants to see his room will see it completed!!! I know I shouldn't worry about what other ppl will think, but it is hard.

However we have had some good news! Todd's parents have offered to buy us a glider. They know how we like to save money, so they knew we would not go out and buy a new glider. Todd and I haven't decided if we will take them up on their offer b/c we don't want them to spend unnecessarily. It is hard for me to make decisions b/c I had all of this worked out in my head and now I have to rework it all! And this pg brain does not help!!!!

We did get to order Noah's wall decal yesterday! Thanks Shauna for the info on the website!!! And I started looking again at trashcans for Noah's room. I have been told that the diaper jenie thingie doesn't work well and so I have been on a hunt for a functional trashcan ever since. I found one at bedbathandbeyond! I like it b/c it is wicker and brown and matches the room, plus it has a lid and that will help with odor!!! I may order it today.

And that has been my stressors lately. I know in the big scheme of things they are so small. I am just in awe at how much I want everything to be just perfect for my little guy!!!! And since my nesting craze has kicked in I seem to want his room finished as soon as possible!!! Well, I hope everyone else is having a stress free week and I am hoping that I can start to not worry about these things!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!


Kate said...

If you paint something with a shine it has to be sanded first. It's a total pain, but it should be sanded and primed first.

Maybe you can check craigslist for a good deal on a changing table. I got mine used and it's been great!

The Patterson's said...

That is so hard when you want everything to match! I think I would just keep the white glider. We have a rocker recliner in our bedroom that has come in very handy.

shauna said...

I agree with Kate! Craiglist is a great place to buy stuff, and baby furniture doesn't get used for too long, so it should be in good condition :)

Birdee said...

I just bougt a changing pad and put it on his dresser, but we have a small room that didnt fit a changing table if I wanted the glider in there.
And as far as glider, I recommend getting a really good one. (JMO) - B is 6 months old now and I swear to you, (tho I paid $500 on sale) It's been it's weight in gold. I have co-slept with B more times in that comfey glider and it's been the only way I've even gotten sleep.(No way I could do that with my old $200 dollar one). but again that's just me, I can't have B co-sleep in our bed - or else I wouldnt have worried about the quality and functions of a glider so much.
BTW - I completely understand your need for perfection. I have spent more money trying to not be perfect - just to go spend the money ~again~ on being perfect - and it cost me more in the long run. I know the kids don't care, but I do.