Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gone Shopping!!!!

Today I have been working on researching the internet! I have been looking for so much to finish out Noah's nursery! I looked for a wastebasket, lamp, and a bookshelf/table!! I narrowed my search down to this wooden wastebasket.

I just don't know if the blue will match or not, so I also found a white one at Tarjay :D I guess one more thing Todd has to paint won't hurt, right?

Then I started researching photographers in the area for Noah's future baby pics :D I finally found one that I think we are going to go with, and requested a price sheet. Here's to hoping the prices aren't TOO high!!

Then I found this super cute hat on a fellow blogger's site. She had the link on her page. It is on etsy :D I am loving that site!!! I ordered the lime green one for several reasons: my favorite color is green, it looked amazing in this picture, and it will work for our next babe if babe is a girl or a boy :D I am thinking ahead people!!!! I cannot wait to see how Noah looks in this hat!!!

I am having NO luck on lamps! It is hard to really see what color the shades are online, so I guess I will have to get off of my bum and go shopping!!!! I am now 27 weeks!!! Only 13 more weeks to go and I will post again later this week with all the HAPS and some belly pics!!!


Amber said...

Im another one so addicted to etsy it should almost be illegal..haha!

Hope you are able to find a photographer how exciting

Hua said...

Hey Dana,

I hope the nursery is coming along. I'm sure you'll find a lamp sooner or later.

I look forward to seeing the end result, and hope your post pictures.

Take care,

Director of Blogger Relations