Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crazy week!

Well, I just finished throwing down in the kitchen and I am exhausted!!! I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cornbread dressing!! I am now waiting on the meatloaf to finish cooking so I can eat it all up!! YUM!! I wanted to make sure Todd had a good dinner b/c he has been sick lately. Just to update y'all, Todd got VERY sick on Monday. He was throwing up all day, so they actually sent him home from work. After he was home for a couple of hours he told me he wanted to go to the hospital and get an IV b/c he felt dehydrated. And if Todd says he needs to go to the hospital then he needs to go. Todd tends to have that suck it up kinda attitude. I was a bit worried so I jumped right up and drove him! We arrived at the hospital at 9 ish and left at around 2 am!!!! It, of course, took forever!!!! But I am soooo glad we went b/c Todd got fluids and some nausea meds!

The next day Todd slept all day, except when I woke him up to drink tons of fluids and then later I got him to eat a bit! I have to say I was exhausted!!!! During the day while Todd slept and recovered I took Maggie to the vet. She did great, but she is allergic to her shots...which I had forgotten! I know, bad momma!!!! I remembered this when she threw up all over me as I drove out of the vet's office! So I turned around and went back so they could give her a benadryl shot. And let me tell you, that shot made Maggie a crackhead! She was shaking her head a bunch and jumping on and off of the couch all night! Normally, she just sits with you on the couch and chills, so I was worried when she started acting so funny. Plus, her little leg kept having spasms. I am guessing this is b/c this was the leg she got her shots in. I massaged her leg and scratched her ears and she seemed to finally calm down after that and rest.

Needless to say it was a rough couple of days! And things are just harder b/c I get tired so easily these days. I insisted that Todd sleep in our bed so I ended up couching it b/c I didn't want to get sick too. The couch was actually comfy and I never sleep through the night anyway b/c I get up to pee two or three times.

Todd went back to work today. It is his 14 hour day, but so far he is doing good. I know he will be super tired when he gets home, but I am just so thankful he isn't throwing up anymore!

Oh yeah.....And I had a doctor's appt. today. I am happy to report I passed my gestational diabetes test. My number was 70 something and they look for it to be under YAY me!!!! And I got to hear Noah's hb, which I haven't heard the past few ckups. The doctor I saw the last two times had the doppler so low I couldn't hear I was glad to see another doc that turned it up for me! Well, that has been my crazy week. I am hoping for a low key weekend!!!

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