Sunday, February 21, 2010

29 weeks y'all!!!!

11 weeks to go!!!!! Here are my 29 week belly pictures and I am wearing my favorite thing...bummy clothes!!!!

I used the timer on the camera to take these, and so some aren't as clear as if Todd would've taken them!

Now this belly shot makes me look HUGE!! I didn't really think my belly had gotten that I guess I have officially popped!!!

And yes I am even pg in my face!! UGG!!


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Love the pictures! I love everything about being pregnant...the fat, the stretch marks- although my girls are the only things that have them so far, the fat arms, etc! Ha ha! We will never forget these days girl! Love ya

Alissa said...

Love the new pics! You look great!!

Terri said...

Dana, your belly grew since last Monday. Isn't it funny how all of a sudden, boom, you look 100 weeks pregnant. You are to cute pregnant and you look GREAT!!!!! I love you sis!!!

Birdee said...

You are a beautiful pregnant lady!