Friday, February 12, 2010

27 week belly, GA Snow, and Valentines Goodies!!

I used the timer on our camera and took some belly pics, so they aren't the best or the most flattering! I swear my bum is expanding with my belly..HA!!! We finally got snow after 1pm! It started snowing and hasn't stopped yet, and for GA that is amazing!!!! It was is so beautiful to watch and I can't wait til I can take Noah to see his first snow!!

This was Maggie's second time seeing snow and she was so excited and running around checking it all out! She was too cute!!!

The view from inside! It was soo beautiful! I didn't get out in the snow b/c it was slippery and I didn't want to fall.

Pretty pot in the snow. This is my grandmother's flower pot.

The snow wore Maggie out, so she and daddy napped!

And even after dark it was still coming down! You can't see it falling but you can see that for GA we got a lot of snow!!

Nothing is more beautiful than an elegant single rose from my love!

And some of my FAV!!! Lindor chocolates are the BEST!!!

Wishing everyone a very HaPpY VaLeNtInE's DaY!!!!!


shauna said...

You look great girl! The snow pictures are beautiful. We got a little bit of snow down here too! We were very excited. Abigail kept telling everyone "Merry Christmas" lol :)

Melissa said...

Your really starting to pop!! Cute pics

Amber said...

you look wonderful:) we also got a ton of snow which was even more shocking for MS-the final count for our house was 5" I think its been about 100 years since that happened here..haha! It is absolutely beautiful to look at