Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crazy week!

Well, I just finished throwing down in the kitchen and I am exhausted!!! I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cornbread dressing!! I am now waiting on the meatloaf to finish cooking so I can eat it all up!! YUM!! I wanted to make sure Todd had a good dinner b/c he has been sick lately. Just to update y'all, Todd got VERY sick on Monday. He was throwing up all day, so they actually sent him home from work. After he was home for a couple of hours he told me he wanted to go to the hospital and get an IV b/c he felt dehydrated. And if Todd says he needs to go to the hospital then he needs to go. Todd tends to have that suck it up kinda attitude. I was a bit worried so I jumped right up and drove him! We arrived at the hospital at 9 ish and left at around 2 am!!!! It, of course, took forever!!!! But I am soooo glad we went b/c Todd got fluids and some nausea meds!

The next day Todd slept all day, except when I woke him up to drink tons of fluids and then later I got him to eat a bit! I have to say I was exhausted!!!! During the day while Todd slept and recovered I took Maggie to the vet. She did great, but she is allergic to her shots...which I had forgotten! I know, bad momma!!!! I remembered this when she threw up all over me as I drove out of the vet's office! So I turned around and went back so they could give her a benadryl shot. And let me tell you, that shot made Maggie a crackhead! She was shaking her head a bunch and jumping on and off of the couch all night! Normally, she just sits with you on the couch and chills, so I was worried when she started acting so funny. Plus, her little leg kept having spasms. I am guessing this is b/c this was the leg she got her shots in. I massaged her leg and scratched her ears and she seemed to finally calm down after that and rest.

Needless to say it was a rough couple of days! And things are just harder b/c I get tired so easily these days. I insisted that Todd sleep in our bed so I ended up couching it b/c I didn't want to get sick too. The couch was actually comfy and I never sleep through the night anyway b/c I get up to pee two or three times.

Todd went back to work today. It is his 14 hour day, but so far he is doing good. I know he will be super tired when he gets home, but I am just so thankful he isn't throwing up anymore!

Oh yeah.....And I had a doctor's appt. today. I am happy to report I passed my gestational diabetes test. My number was 70 something and they look for it to be under YAY me!!!! And I got to hear Noah's hb, which I haven't heard the past few ckups. The doctor I saw the last two times had the doppler so low I couldn't hear I was glad to see another doc that turned it up for me! Well, that has been my crazy week. I am hoping for a low key weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wall Decal is Done!!!

We are so excited b/c we just put on Noah's wall decal and it looks amazing!!

And we cannot get over how easy it was to apply!!! Thanks again Shauna for recommending!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

29 weeks y'all!!!!

11 weeks to go!!!!! Here are my 29 week belly pictures and I am wearing my favorite thing...bummy clothes!!!!

I used the timer on the camera to take these, and so some aren't as clear as if Todd would've taken them!

Now this belly shot makes me look HUGE!! I didn't really think my belly had gotten that I guess I have officially popped!!!

And yes I am even pg in my face!! UGG!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gotta start learning to go with the flow!!!

Todd and I have been working so hard to get Noah's room ready!!!! And I have been so stressed out lately and I am sure once you see why you will think I am silly!! Yesterday it was FINALLY nice weather outside so Todd started painting the changing table my sissy gave us. It was white so we needed to paint it brown to match the other furniture in Noah's room. I had been told several times that the paint may not stick b/c of the glossy surface on the changing table. Well, that was an understatement!!!! The paint did not stick well, so Todd had to spray on a TON of paint to get all the spots. He had to paint some, let it dry, paint some more, then repeat..repeat..repeat. He finally finished it today and I have to say I am on the fence on whether or not we like it. The paint has gathered in a lot of places and so there are a lot of parts that do not look smooth. I am torn b/c I want to save money and be frugal, but at the same time I want Noah's nursery to be perfect :D I have looked at several changing tables from BRU and even the one that matches the crib from JCP, but wouldn't you know that all of the ones I like are on back order!!!! We plan on letting the table dry today and then we can see how it looks in Noah's room! I am hoping it works!!! But if not, I guess I need to learn to go with the flow!!

Which leads me to my next stressor. We were planning on painting the glider and ottoman my sissy gave us as well!!! It is white and has that glossy finish too!!! Let's just say that Todd and I are both DONE with DIY projects and have decided against trying to paint the glider!! With it being white it doesn't match the nursery at all, so I decided to put the glider in our room. I am thinking that to begin with Noah is going to be in our room in his bassinet. And I cannot imagine just sitting in Noah's room just to rock him then running to our room to put him in his bassinet. Then I thought we could just move the glider back into his room when we move him into his own bed. I really want to make everything as functional as possible. And at first I was concerned about how Noah's room would look without a glider in it...well I figured that one out too! We would just put the glider in there til right before he gets here. Then anyone that wants to see his room will see it completed!!! I know I shouldn't worry about what other ppl will think, but it is hard.

However we have had some good news! Todd's parents have offered to buy us a glider. They know how we like to save money, so they knew we would not go out and buy a new glider. Todd and I haven't decided if we will take them up on their offer b/c we don't want them to spend unnecessarily. It is hard for me to make decisions b/c I had all of this worked out in my head and now I have to rework it all! And this pg brain does not help!!!!

We did get to order Noah's wall decal yesterday! Thanks Shauna for the info on the website!!! And I started looking again at trashcans for Noah's room. I have been told that the diaper jenie thingie doesn't work well and so I have been on a hunt for a functional trashcan ever since. I found one at bedbathandbeyond! I like it b/c it is wicker and brown and matches the room, plus it has a lid and that will help with odor!!! I may order it today.

And that has been my stressors lately. I know in the big scheme of things they are so small. I am just in awe at how much I want everything to be just perfect for my little guy!!!! And since my nesting craze has kicked in I seem to want his room finished as soon as possible!!! Well, I hope everyone else is having a stress free week and I am hoping that I can start to not worry about these things!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

28 weeks!!!!!! Officially 12 more weeks to go!!!

28 week belly pictures are here :D

a few pictures taken before and after church on Sunday

My little monkey is growing!!!!

This past weekend was amazing!! I was just so tickled to get out of the house that I was on cloud nine the entire time. And it seems that another week has passed and now we are 28 weeks along! I cannot believe how time is just flying by. It is a little scary b/c I want to soak in as much of this pregnancy as possible! Plus, I start to freak out a bit when I realize there isn't much time left til Noah arrives. It makes me want to go out and buy tons of stuff to be prepared. However, even when I go out and shop I end up buying nothing!!!! Monday I went with my sis shopping and I just browsed some of the clothing sale items for Noah. And even though most of the clothes were on sale I just couldn't buy them. I kept second guessing the size and season fit and would end up talking myself out of the purchase. I envy those of you that have been able to jump on all the sale items for your babies for this fall. I just don't have the gumption to buy anything. I am also thinking that I should wait til my showers are done. I did get a taste for shopping for Noah though, there were so many cute things, so Todd is in for it when I do know the season and size!!! And shopping at regular stores was so hard b/c here I am all pg and there were so many cute new things in regular sizes!!! I am sure though that b/c I couldn't buy any of those clothes then that made them look more appealing. Any other time I would not have seen a thing I wanted to try on!!! And they already have bathing suits out!!!! I couldn't even fathom getting into a bathing suit!!!! SCARY!!!
I haven't done this in a while, so here is this week's round up!!

How far along: 28 weeks 2 days!

Total weight gain/loss: 28 lbs!!! UGGGG

Maternity clothes: They are a must!!

Stretch marks: None so far, crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that I don't get any...I already have enough!!!

Sleep: I get up atleast twice a night to tinkle so that makes sleeping all night hard. Also, I have good nights and bad nights of sleeping. Thankfully I am a stay at home wifey so I can nap during the day.

Best moment this week: Today was amazing, I sat and watched Noah moving all around in my belly! I was so happy I cried!

Movement: He moves so much at night, so we are in for it when he gets here!

Food cravings: Still chicken and fries...and now Lindor chocolate..YUM!!

Gender: Beautiful bouncing BOY!!!!!

Labor signs: None since the BH contractions from a few weeks ago.

Belly button in or out: Still in and I can't seem to picture it ever being out..but who knows!!

What I miss: Nothing really, I am enjoying all of this pregnancy even the not so fun parts. But a turkey sandwich would be soo good right now :D

What I am looking forward to: Getting my results from my Gestational diabetes test and hopefully passing it!!!

Weekly wisdom: I recently read online that when you first bring baby home that putting updates on the answering machine helps out alot. Basically, you update everyone on the machine and then if you lower the ringer and can't get EVERY call then they will know how Noah is doing. And if you are like me, sometimes you just don't feel like chatting on the I plan on doing just this!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

27 week belly, GA Snow, and Valentines Goodies!!

I used the timer on our camera and took some belly pics, so they aren't the best or the most flattering! I swear my bum is expanding with my belly..HA!!! We finally got snow after 1pm! It started snowing and hasn't stopped yet, and for GA that is amazing!!!! It was is so beautiful to watch and I can't wait til I can take Noah to see his first snow!!

This was Maggie's second time seeing snow and she was so excited and running around checking it all out! She was too cute!!!

The view from inside! It was soo beautiful! I didn't get out in the snow b/c it was slippery and I didn't want to fall.

Pretty pot in the snow. This is my grandmother's flower pot.

The snow wore Maggie out, so she and daddy napped!

And even after dark it was still coming down! You can't see it falling but you can see that for GA we got a lot of snow!!

Nothing is more beautiful than an elegant single rose from my love!

And some of my FAV!!! Lindor chocolates are the BEST!!!

Wishing everyone a very HaPpY VaLeNtInE's DaY!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

PG body and what to pack for the hospital

I had a little meltdown last night! As I was getting into my pjs I happened to see myself in the mirror. I was NOT happy with what I saw. I saw more cellulite!!!! I am no stranger to cellulite or stretch marks! I am a curvy girl and have always had a big bum..hehe But what I saw was scary!!!!! I know that cellulite is here to stay, but I am praying that after Noah is born it will go down a little bit. Did anyone else have this problem?? Not to get too specific but it was on my upper thigh near the bum...and it was almost like I had knots on my leg. It is hard to get a good look at anything lately with this belly, but Todd was quick to assure me that I was gorgeous and had nothing to worry about!!!! He is such a "STUD" as my friend Lori would say!!! Which basically means that he is an amazing top notch man!!!! I used to think of the term stud and think of just a hunky buff guy...but nope it is much more!! Neways, I am still trying to come to terms that my body is 'a changing'!!! And now I am realizing that it will be changed forever, but totally well worth it all!!!!!!

As of late I have been wondering what to pack for the hospital (for me). I have asked a few ppl and have been told to pack a gown instead of pj pants or just plan on wearing the hospital gown. And if I do plan on wearing the hospital gown I should make sure to have a nursing bra or tank to wear under it b/c it may be kinda itchy! I am planning on finding a gown b/c I am very sensitive to fabrics. Then I plan on wearing some comfy jogging type pants and a t-shirt home. And I HATE not wearing pj pants so I am going to have to find some tall socks to cover my legs. I haven't even begun to research what to bring for Noah, so any suggestions would be great!!! I was planning on going shopping today, but Todd's truck didn't start this morning so he took my car....needless to say I am homebound!!!! I may take Todd to work tomorrow so I can get out and do some shopping. Plus, I need to get out of the house!!! Maybe I can find a gown for the hospital :D The weekend is almost here and I am excited b/c Todd is off of work!!! YAY!!!!

Apparently we are getting some snow tomorrow! I had heard this but was in denial b/c we have been told we were gonna get snow here in GA before and it never happened. So my plans for shopping have been put on hold!! And I am so bummed b/c I have been craving capt. d's...i know i know!!! I love their chicken! Go figure!!! So I guess that will have to wait!! BUMMER!! I am also worried b/c Todd will have to go to work tomorrow in the snow...and we are not prepared to handle snow down here in georgia so I am not sure how the roads will be. I am praying that the snow comes tonight and maybe he can have a long wkend!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gone Shopping!!!!

Today I have been working on researching the internet! I have been looking for so much to finish out Noah's nursery! I looked for a wastebasket, lamp, and a bookshelf/table!! I narrowed my search down to this wooden wastebasket.

I just don't know if the blue will match or not, so I also found a white one at Tarjay :D I guess one more thing Todd has to paint won't hurt, right?

Then I started researching photographers in the area for Noah's future baby pics :D I finally found one that I think we are going to go with, and requested a price sheet. Here's to hoping the prices aren't TOO high!!

Then I found this super cute hat on a fellow blogger's site. She had the link on her page. It is on etsy :D I am loving that site!!! I ordered the lime green one for several reasons: my favorite color is green, it looked amazing in this picture, and it will work for our next babe if babe is a girl or a boy :D I am thinking ahead people!!!! I cannot wait to see how Noah looks in this hat!!!

I am having NO luck on lamps! It is hard to really see what color the shades are online, so I guess I will have to get off of my bum and go shopping!!!! I am now 27 weeks!!! Only 13 more weeks to go and I will post again later this week with all the HAPS and some belly pics!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blah Day, Help with questions for my breastfeeding class????

Today is a feeling like BLAH day!! Lately it seems that every other day I feel like blah!! And by blah I mean: sore/achy muscles, super tired, and irritable!! Basically like when you get up and realize that you just need to go back to bed and start the day over again on a better side..HA!! The good part is that when I am not feeling like blah I am feeling AMAZING and rejuvenated. It cracks me up b/c each day is like opposites day.

Todd is planning on ordering the UFC fight tonight. Is that redundant? I am not sure, but I am going to have to take a nap today if I am going to be able to stay up and watch the fights tonight. And I am hoping that when I wake up from my nap I am feeling less irritable and achy! I guess this is going be a guy's weekend b/c I just realized that we are watching UFC tonight and then the superbowl is tomorrow. Oh yay!! Yeah, that was said in a very sarcastic way...hehe But Todd is such a sweetheart and he deserves a guy's weekend, so I will endure just for him :D

Now onto the real reason I decided to blog today! We are going to a breastfeeding basics class on Monday and I was wondering if y'all had any ideas of questions I could ask in class?? I really want to breastfeed, but I am aware of how hard it I am trying to give myself a head start in the right direction. Plus, the lactation nurse is the one teaching the class so I will make sure to introduce myself and let her know I will be calling on her in the hospital!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

26 weeks 4 days and Noah's Name Letters

Finally a 26 week picture :D Here are some belly pics and some pics of Todd sanding and painting Noah's wall letters. We are still waiting on them to dry so we can hang them on the wall. I also took a picture of sweet Maggie and my chalkboard countdown. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

teen mom vent and the HAPS!!

Do any of you watch Teen Mom on mtv?? I have just been able to start watching it for obvious reasons, and it is making me so mad. They had the reunion show hosted by Dr. Drew the other night and I just watched it. I could not believe my ears when I heard Dr. Drew say that most dads don't love their kids like the mom does. He made it sound like it was okay not to feel connected to your child or even adore your child. I just wanted to jump through the screen and scream at him!!!

Here is a little bit of background on the show just in case you aren't like me and watch junk tv! There is a couple on the show and the dad (ryan) is a jerk!!! He acts like he could go the rest of his life without even seeing his child and could care less!! On the show he is always going out to party and always shown in the background either sleeping or on the phone texting. He is never shown helping and when maci asks him to help he pouts about it and starts and argument. All I can say is COMMUNICATION!!!! Anyways, I just cannot believe that Dr. Drew said that and this is a show a lot of teenagers watch and I don't want them to get the idea that it is okay for the father to be absent and not care. Dr. Drew said that all men are that way!!!

Dr. Drew has obviously not met my Todd!!! Todd is already smitten with Noah. He kisses my belly all of the time and talks to Noah. He has even sung to him!! The men that I do know that are absent fathers are jerks and that is that!!! There are tons of fathers out there that are loving, tuned in dads!!!! Okay, I am getting off of my soapbox now..hehe Just had to get that out!!!

Now on the pregnancy front!! I cannot believe how hard it is to do little things. Remember my list from Monday?? Well, I got it all done, but I am still exhausted from doing it. And while I was cleaning the toilets I thought I wouldn't make it through! I am guessing that my 3rd trimester has started to hit me hard b/c I am all of a sudden totally and utterly exhausted ALL of the time!!! I am sure that not sleeping well has something to do with it! And please don't think I am complaining, I am not! I am just documenting my pregnancy...and I wanna document ALL of it. And food aversions have come back. I made my figure friendly chicken last night and couldn't eat it b/c I didn't like the smell. Of course, the heartburn is still here and I am sure is here to stay for a while...BOOOOO!!!

Noah is still so active and I just LOVE it. I really know now why moms say that they miss feeling their LO move the most after their LOs are born. I know I am going to miss that alot!!! It makes you feel so connected. Noah has been getting behind my belly button and that has been making me feely queasy. I am not sure if that is normal but it feels weird to me. I just love this little guy oh so much already!!!!

Maybe I will get a 26 week belly pic on here...once I can get one where I am in regular clothes and looking halfway decent...oh and there is someone to take the picture. It seems like when Todd gets home from work I am already in my pjs and have my hair up in a pony!!! Happy hump day to y'all!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Idle hands are the devil's playground!!!!

Things I need to get done today:
  • laundry: wash, dry, fold, and put up all clothes, towels, and Noah's things
  • clean all three bathrooms
  • tidy up the house

Things I need to get done tomorrow:

  • dust entire house..YIKES that is a lot of dusting!!
  • pick up my sissy and neecy poos after school and take them to dance and then home
  • cook dinner

Okay I know it sounds like a lot and I am suppose to be taking it easy, but I have spaced everything out and have been making sure I sit down and rest in between each chore! Todd's mom is coming over on Wednesday to sweep, mop, and vacuum so I must get everything else done beforehand!!! (I am so thankful for her help!!!!) I mean it would be silly for her to sweep and vacuum when I haven't even dusted, right!!! So I am on a mission!!! God says we should be active and I plan on being active!! Plus, when I am idle for too long it gets me down. I still feel a little bit guilty for putting so much on my plate right after we had the contractions scare saturday night! Did y'all watch the duggar show that was on last night? It scared me even more b/c their little baby is about the same size Noah is right now! I cried watching that show and prayed that Noah stays in for a lot longer!!!!!! I am thankful to report that I have not had anymore contractions!!!! Praise God!!!

Lately I have been wondering when would be a good time to do maternity photos. I had planned on asking my sissy, Terri, to take our picture. I just don't think my belly is quite big enough just yet, but I don't want to wait too long and end up being miserable for the photo session. What do y'all think? Plus, I need to come up with some ideas for posing and ideas for pretty places to take the pictures. Not to mention what I am going to wear!! Any advice y'all have is greatly appreciated!!!

Well, I am off to conquer this enormous mound of laundry!!!! Hope y'all are having a Marvelous Monday!!!!