Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am so excited to say that we have made it to Viabilty Day! And b/c it has taken me so long to post about it we are almost to the next week :D I can remember seeing V-day on the bump and wondering what the heck it was. All I could think was it had something to do with valentine's day. I finally found out that it meant that if Noah is born now he has a better chance of making it (with doctor's help). I guess he is developed enough to survive, of course with medical help. So YAY....Happy V-Day for us!!!! I still cannot believe we have made it this far. It always seems so surreal when I look down and see this growing belly!!!!

I am really feeling pregnant these days. I have had heartburn even if I haven't eaten anything. Milk and zantac are now my best friends..oh and an elevated pillow!!! My muscles are achy and they are still cramping up every now and then...which I hurts!! I have decided that maybe I need more water and I am going to try to eat more bananas to help with all the muscle cramping. And my hunger is up and down lately. There are days when I am a bottomless pit and then there are days like today where I haven't been hungry at all!!! Go figure!

Now for the fun stuff!! Noah has been so active lately and I am loving every minute of it. Todd has felt him several times and I just love it when he can feel Noah too. Maggie was even on my lap one day when Noah kicked, but she didn't seem to even notice :D hehe The other day Todd and I drove almost 2 hours to a BRU that had the stroller we wanted. It is the chicco travel system in the sahara pattern. It has been discontinued and so we called all the BRUs around us and found one at this store. When we got there we wanted to make sure we wanted it and so we cked out each and every travel system and then ended up getting it. It is so hard to know what to get when you have never used a stroller or carseat before. What finally sold me was that the car seat is ranked #1 and I want Noah to be completely safe while we are out driving! Plus, the pattern is super cute!!! It is brown and has a little bit of orange lining. I am thinking it will be great for Noah and hopefully the next child we have :D Here is a pic of it:
We have already put the stroller together and I love looking at it everyday! I plan on getting Todd to put the car seat in my car very soon b/c it will be amazing to see a car seat in my car FINALLY!!!

Tomorrow is 25 weeks and it seems that time is going by faster! Now the next milestone for me is 30 weeks b/c that is the time we have a 3D u/s scheduled and I cannot wait to see Noah again!!

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The Patterson's said...

Congrats on reaching a great milestone! Isn't it so exciting to start getting things? Glad you found the stroller/carseat that you wanted.