Friday, January 8, 2010

Spaghetti and Laundry!

The other night my sweet hubby made spaghetti! And he made the sauce from scratch!!! I love it when he cooks italian!! He also makes a mean bruschetta. And I was loving all the garlic, onion, basil, and tomato smells!! The sauce ready to cook!!! I forgot to take a picture of the finished product with noodles and all...I guess I was preoccupied and had to stuff my face :D It was sooo yummy!!! Go Todd!!!
And I had to share these next pics b/c they show how much I am nesting. While Todd was cooking I was washing all of Noah's clothes, blankets, hats, and bibs! Then I put them all in his crib. I also took all the tags off of his stuffed animals. I am still working on getting drawer space so his clothes will be in his crib til I get that worked out!!
These pics don't even do it justice. There are TONS of clothes in there!!! :D
I will post all the 23 week pics and info. later on :D


Amber said...

how nice for your hubby to cook for you:) You have a ton of clothes wow! So just curious are you to wash all of the clothes even new ones for the baby? Im still learning so much:)

Dana said...

Amber~ I washed all the new stuff too just b/c so many ppl have handled it. I am a texture freak so I have to make sure everything is super soft :D

Terri said...

Call me when Todd gets ready to cook again. The Franklin's will be happy to eat his great cooking!!! We will even bring dessert!! Ha Ha!! Love ya sis!!

shauna said...

What a sweet hubby to cook dinner. Sadly my husband can ruin a taco kit...I washed all of Jakob's clothes too, I just wanted to make sure if he put them in his mouth or anything like that they were clean. I was also on bed rest though so I had alot of time and help on my hands.