Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feeling better!!

I am happy to say that I did get up off of the couch!!! I just started doing the dishes and then that led to doing the laundry and then that led to cooking dinner!! All of which made me feel like a new person! I always feel better once I get up and do something!!! I was so glad to feel better for Noah's sake!!!

Then tonight I got to take my friend out for a birthday dinner. I have known her since diapers and we always get together for dinner on our birthdays! We ate and caught up for like 3 hours! It was nice to get out of the house and be social. This month has been a very social month for me.
Last wkend I went to a baby shower...the first one where I didn't want to jump off of a bridge afterwards...due to IF. Then I was able to get lunch earlier this week with two friends and then tonight I got to hang with another friend!! And this wkend two of my friends from grad school are coming to hang!! I feel like a social butterfly!!!! It always seems to happen this way though. For a while you are super busy and then all of a sudden it just stops and you have NOTHING to do! So I am going to enjoy getting to be busy for a while. I am sure once Noah gets here it will be hard at first to keep up with everyone, so I am soaking it all up now!!

And I think I am starting to be okay with my wt gain! I won't say how much I have gained, but lets just say it upset me!! Many ppl have told me not to fret and my doctor even said she wasn't concerned. So that is my new attitude! I am going with it and I will worry about it after Noah gets here! I am going to try my darndest to breastfeed, not only for Noah, but for me too :D And I plan on working out again as soon as the dr. gives me the okay. I am not sure how working out will look like with Noah with me, but I am sure I will figure it out. Even if I just get on the eliptical here at home while Noah is napping! I kinda picture him in his bouncy seat just chilling while I am working up a sweat on the eliptical. I am sure it won't go exactly like that..HA!!!

I am excited about Sunday b/c it will be V-day for us! VIABILITY DAY!!!!!!! This means if Noah comes after this he has a better chance of survival with medical help! But Noah, you have to stay for a lot longer young man!!!! I still can't believe we are here!!! We scheduled a 3-D u/s for March when I will be 30 weeks and I scheduled a breastfeeding class for Todd and I (hehe) for next month. Todd isn't super excited about the class b/c he doesn't want to be the only guy in the class, but it is offered from 6-9 pm so I don't want to be out at that time by he kinda has to go with me!! I also asked my dr. if there was a lactation specialist at the hospital and she said I know I will be asking for her help after Noah is here! I think she teaches the breastfeeding class so I will be sure to introduce myself to her! Well that is it for now!!!


Amber said...

so glad to hear you had a better day:)Im another one who is also going to try BF and also taking a BF class.

Alissa said...

It's great you're taking a BF class. I went into my first pregnancy planning on BF but did NO research what-so-ever. Didn't work so well and was super stressful. GOOD FOR YOU for being proactive! :-)

momof5girls said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I love this latest picture. You are such a beautiful pregnant lady! Won't be long now! One good thing about Shauna moving to GA is that I'll get to see your little Noah man one day! Love ya, Arlene