Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eating Healthy!

It is about time!!! I cooked tonight and made something very healthy. I was inspired by rach. ray! I used her recipe for figure friendly collards and figure friendly baked chicken. The recipe seemed easy enough, but ended up being a bit harder than I expected. I used onions, garlic, and a smoked turkey drum stick to season the collards. And the chicken is super easy!!! I bought already trimmed ck tenders, beat them flat, then ran them through dijon mustard then italian breadcrumbs. The trick on baking them is to use a baking rack. I did not have one, but used something like that in my toaster oven..haha It helps b/c it allows the chicken to get crispy on both sides. Then of course, I just cooked some potatoes and mashed them up...YUM!!! And for dessert I ate some canned pears. I am feeling very healthy right now!!!! Go me!!

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