Sunday, January 31, 2010

26 weeks and Braxton Hicks' contractions!!!!!

Well, I don't have a belly picture for today b/c I have been in the bed ALL day long! Last night I started having some contractions. It was really late and it woke me up. It was a little painful and in my lower abdomen. The pains lasted about a minute and then stopped for a few minutes then came back. I am guessing I had around 8 of them before I fell back asleep. Each time I told myself I would wake Todd up if I had one more, but then fell back asleep after the last one. So I told him this morning and we were both concerned. I called my doctor's office and the doctor on call called me back. She told me it sounded like braxton hicks' contractions and that they can start as early as 22 weeks. She told me to drink TONS of water today and to take it easy by putting my feet up!

It is hard to drink so much water when it makes you have to get up a million times to tinkle :D Todd has been amazing!!! He brought me breakfast in bed and has waited on me all day!! We had plans of going to church and then going to my parents house for lunch. As soon as my parents heard why we couldn't come they made us some yummy lunch and brought it over to the house. They are AMAZING!!! And they brought us some goodies for Noah too! A super cute piggie bank, some socks, a blanky, and an enormous box of wipes!!! I just love them sooo much!!!Thanks again Momma and Daddy, y'all are the best!!

I honestly do not know how women that are on bedrest for a long period of time make it! I am so ready to get out of this bed and my legs already feel like jello! Thankfully, there has a been a marathon of comedians on the comedy channel today. It has kept me laughing up a storm, which usually makes me have to go tinkle..hehehe. Oh and I have to report the most important thing..Noah has been very active today. And his momma is so thankful!!!! That was another thing the doc if he had been active. He has been letting me know he is okay and I am so glad!!

Today is 26 weeks down and I am starting to realize that I better slow things down a bit and just enjoy every second left of this pregnancy! It is amazing how much you wish time by in the beginning and then out of nowhere it starts of to fly by! So far this week I have made tums my new best friend and have been eating healthier! YAY!!! I had been eating poptarts for bkfast with milk every morning, but that has gotten old so I have replaced it with Cheerios and orange juice and loving it. Next week we have an appt. with the OB to do my gestational diabetes test and I am looking forward to hearing Noah's hb again. And of course hoping that I pass that test!!!! And if my math is correct I am in my third trimester now! WOW!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I can't believe you can start having the BH contractions as early as 22 weeks! I go Thursday for my next OB appt! Be praying baby Creamer is doing great and is healthy! We may even be able to take a sneak peak and see what we are having!!!

Amber said...

I started having them last week so yes it is as early as 22 weeks that you can have them. It scared the living mess out of me and it seems like it is quite normal to have them too. I also learned the trick that if you are not drinking enough water then your urine will be dark but if you are staying hydrated enough it will be lighter so maybe Noah just needed something to drink:) I do agree though I try to drink lots but always have to go to the bathroom constantly.