Monday, January 25, 2010

25 weeks!!!

Belly picture @ 25 wks!

okay is it just me or is my bottom expanding too..ugg!!

Up close belly!

25 wks 1 day picture from this morning!!
25 weeks!!! I still cannot believe it each time we get closer and closer to D-DAY!! This past week I have found that getting up to tinkle is just a part of my night! I am getting up atleast twice a night to tinkle and the other night I actually ran into the wall! Thankfully, I walk with my hands out to protect the goods (aka Noah)! I woke up with a bruise on my hand, but it is worth it so that Noah doesn't get hurt. Now I have started leaving the closet light on so I can see where I am going. And while we are talking about is so hard for me to get comfy. Sleeping on my side sucks majorly!! My arm doesn't want to lay right when I try to lay on my left side and then all night I am flip flopping b/c my side gets sore. Plus, Miss Maggie sleeps on me so I have to move her everytime I move. I am kinda wishing she would sleep on her daddy instead...just for now.
Other than the sleep I am doing great :D Noah's nursery is getting painted as I am typing and I am hoping Todd can paint the changing table and glider today or tomorrow. If the weather permits. I am also getting organized. On Sunday I spent the day with my Momma...which was so great. We haven't spent the day just us in a while. So we got lunch together and did some shopping. Which is where I was going on the organized topic. I found a hanging organizational thingy at wally world. It fits perfectly in Noah's dresser. I am gonna post pics later when the nursery is painted. I also bought a bunch of baskets for the changing table and the closet.
I guess when I post for 26 weeks I will be officially in my 3rd trimester. WOW!!!! And soon I will be in double digits on the countdown. WOW...this is crazy!!!

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Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Girl, you look awesome! We are getting closer to finding out what we are having and we can't wait!!!