Sunday, January 3, 2010

22 weeks!!

We have reached 22 weeks and I am starting to understand why shopping for maternity clothes isn't a fun experience. The first time I shopped I had so much fun b/c everything fit me and I bought things in bigger sizes to grow into them!! Well, I have definately grown into them and am in need of some new bigger items! I tried to find some new jeans today b/c the ones I have are starting to cut off my circulation. The jeans I tried on were either too tight or toooooo big! Plus, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but a certain maternity store..motherhood (hint) the sales lady drives me NUTS!! She follows me around and tries to get me to try on EVERYTHING and then tries to get me to try on sizes that are WAY too small. Then when I want to go up in size she looks at me like I am crazy and says are u sure! YES I AM SURE!!! She is the same lady that did a bra fitting and told me I was two cup sizes smaller than I am and when I tried the bra on and nothing fit..she was still sticking to the size she gave me!!! UGG!!!!

Other than that we have had some great moments this week! Todd felt Noah move again and this time Noah punched him!!! We also finished registering!!! WHEW!!!!

How far along: 22 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: Do I really have to answer this question?? I haven't decided if I want to use my lowest ever pre pregnancy wt or if I should use the number that makes me look like I haven't gained so much wt..HA!!! I am thinking I have gained about....drum roll please....17 lbs!!! OUCH that hurt!!!
Maternity clothes: Oh yes, and now the ones I started out in are getting I had to go jean shopping and ended up getting nothing b/c none of them fit right. UGG!!!
Stretch marks: None so far, crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that I don't get any...I already have enough!!!
Sleep: Going good so far, but I am starting to have trouble getting comfortable!!
Best moment this week: Ringing in the new year and knowing that this is the year I will become a MoMmA!!! YAY! Oh and I can't forget that Todd really felt Noah move on Saturday! He has kinda felt him before but this time he REALLY felt a kick or a punch and we were on cloud nine!!! And we finished registering!!!
Movement: Noah is starting to move and groove!! He is most active at night!
Food cravings: Anything bad for me, obviously considering the amount of wt I have gained! Mostly, salty foods!!
Gender: BOY!!!!!
Labor signs: None!
Belly button in or out: Still in and I can't seem to picture it ever being out..but who knows!!
What I miss: Buying cute clothes that fit me!!
What I am looking forward to: Getting to 24 wks (viability) and my next OB appt.!!
Weekly wisdom: Gotta drink more water!!!!!


momof5girls said...

Beware of maternity shop sales ladies!!! It's their job to sell you something that fits now so you have to buy more soon, hehe! She's just doing her job, so do yours and tell her she's invading your space. Just kidding. You look adorable. I know you are having the time of your life. Talk to your hospital and ask them if they have a lactation consultant and if so get one in there when Noah is born and they will help you relax if you're really unsure. Hopefully he'll be a natural nurser and make it easy on you. Keep postin the pics, we love them!

kate said...

For maternity jeans, if you find that motherhood's clothes don't fit right, you may want to try Old Navy or Target if you haven't yet. I'm not as far along as you are (about 15 weeks), but I am pregnant with twins, so I *totally* understand dealing with the pinching belly thing with the jeans. I have 4 pairs from different places and my favorites are (in this order:
1. Target (the belly panel is reeeeeally long and really soft, so right now, I can tuck it under my bra- classy, right?- and it keeps the pants from falling down when they start to stretch out a little after wearing them. Very comfy)
2. Old Navy- I got a pair of their just-below-the-waist style jeans, and they fit pretty well. Due to the style, I won't be wearing these much longer (the belly is growing like crazy!), but they look super cute-- way better than the jeans from other stores. But, I remember trying on their "full panel" style jeans and thinking that they'd *never* fit, 'cos they were way too big, but I may be ordering some in the next couple of weeks, because I can now see how they would fit so much better in later pregnancy, I think. Of course, Old Navy jeans fit me the best before I was pregnant, so it may just be that their jeans have a flattering cut for my general body style anyway...
3. Motherhood-- these fit well, but the panel isn't as soft or as long as the panel from Target. I will be growing out of these any day. Of course, they also stretch a lot, so by the end of the day, they're totally falling off, and with the panel style, they're almost impossible to pull up without a production. I also have a pair of their cords and you might try those if you are having sizing issues there, because the cords run a lot smaller than the rest of their pants. I like mine, but I won't be able to wear them much longer because they were just a wee tiny bit tight when I bought them. Oh, well. They served me well over the last 9 weeks (er, yes, I've been in maternity pants since week six-- twins, plus major IVF bloat made them the best choice for me that early!)
4. JC Pennys-- These are my least favorite, though they are the most stylish. They look really cute-- a normal width at the ankle (not flare like all the others seem to be), nice color, nice stitching on the pocket--, but the "full" panel is way, way, WAY too short. The actual denim part is cut like hipster-style jeans, which is flattering, but doesn't work when the denim is stretch denim (I don't think they make maternity jeans that don't at least have a little stretch in the denim). So with these, I am *constantly* hiking them up (at least they have belt loops to make it easier to do this!), which is never flattering when the slightly-plumper-than-usual pregnant lady is wrestling with her jeans! Not so cute!

Anyhow, I really hear you on the struggle to find cute maternity clothes. It's just hard! I did find great maternity tees at Old Navy and cute maternity sweaters at JC Pennys. And I have one sweater-style jacket that I got at Motherhood that I like, but it's really tough sometimes! Best of luck with finding some that work for you!

shauna said...

You look good girl! Sorry that the clothes are not fitting you :( Do you have an Old Navy store near you? Ours had alot of their stuff on sale after Christmas. Their jeans and stuff would not be as nice as Motherhood, but they would be cheaper! That is so exciting that Todd is feeling Noah move. Can you believe that you're over halfway there? It seems like it's going by fast. Mr. Noah will be here before we know it :)