Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have to write about what ur cousins are saying about you! First of all, the boys think you are a boy and the girls think you are a girl. Carley kisses my belly EVERY time I see her!! She wants to give you tons of lovins! It is so sweet! She is also extra careful with me and makes sure she doesn't accidentally hit my tummy. We talked today and I asked her what she would do if you are a boy and not a girl and she said she would still love on you and laugh with you...too cute. Then there is Anna Claire. She is always asking me if you are crying or laughing in my belly. And the other day she was on the phone with me and asked me this...what does your baby want for Christmas. Then she asked me if you wanted a doll house or a black hat. And she asked me that all on her one told her to ask me. Now onto the boys! Jacob is very sure you are a boy and that we should name you Jacob!! I told him that if you are a boy we are gonna name you Noah and he said that I could call you Noah, but that he would call you Jacob. How cute is that!!!! And he means don't be surprised if you are called Jacob by your cuz whether you are a boy or a girl!!! hehe Caleb is too little right now to understand that I am pregnant, but knowing Caleb you are in store for lots of kisses and lovins!!!

We cannot wait to find out if you are a boy or a girl!! It will make things even more real and we can start calling you by name and not Babe :D You are already so loved and always will be loved! I love you my sweet child! Love, Momma


Michelle said...

That is too cute.

Noah is a great name. Of course I am biased since that is my nephews name.

Amber said...

aww that is too cute:)

Amy said...

I've been reading your blog from right before you found out you were pregnant (would have said hello before but I just recently started my own blog and seemed weird to comment w/o one for some reason). Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you and how one can already tell you will be an amazing mother through the way you speak about your child. Congratulations and I will keep praying for a healthy baby & mommy.
Amy in Texas