Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This and that!

Okay so I have to admit that when I used to hear about nesting or how soon to be mommas were going nuts with organizing and getting ready for baby...I kinda thought I wouldn't be like that and it would be a breeze!!! Insert foot into mouth BIG TIME!!! I am one nesting momma!!! My house is driving me crazy! It is not organized enough and if there is any wasted space I go nuts! I want everything to have a home and for it to be neat, organized, and easy!! Yeah right!!!!

So my plan for today was to put up the Christmas decor (minus the tree, letting Todd deal with the heavy stuff), clean the house, and mark some clothes my sis in law gave me! I got most of it done, but I kept stopping to move things from drawer to drawer in the kitchen. Then I realized I will be needing a drawer for Noah's stuff and room in the cabinet for his bottles. I am not sure what else I will need room for, so I cleaned out a big drawer and am hoping it will do the trick. It was then that I realized I have too much junk and I am shocked that I didn't end up throwing a lot of it away! I tend to do that every now and again! It is refreshing to purge and get simplified!

Then as I put up the Christmas decor and started putting back all the original stuff that was out I realized that my house is not baby proof at all. We have so many breakable things on tables and I rearranged a few things. I have become OCD with this!

I am however getting a lot marked off my 'get ready for Noah' list :D We got A LOT of things from my sissy, YAY!!! And I ordered some valances for Noah's nursery..this way we can see what color to paint the walls and what colors to use for things like the lamp, organizational bins..and etc!! If I could have my showers tomorrow I would b/c I am so ready to get everything done!!!! Well, maybe not tomorrow..but soon!!! Todd and I plan on going to finish registering on Friday! I think I am going to only register at BRU...still undecided on that one!! Well, back to reorganizing!!!


The Patterson's said...

Way to go getting so much done already! I am still checking things off my list. Your showers will be so much fun!!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I really need to get things organized too! I believe it is now time to start! YEAH!!!