Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back and Looking Forward!!

I started looking back at my past posts! I read through so many posts of the ups and downs of infertility! I got to walk back through my own shoes and see how God has worked so hard in my life! How through it all He was there for me. How He would lift me up when I was so low and how the biggest lesson I learned from it all was how much I need HIM!!!!
There were so many times that I don't really know how I even got out of bed and faced another day, but with God's help I did. The Lord knew that I needed to experience my struggles for a reason. I pray that I am going to be a better momma b/c of it all! I pray that I never forget the lessons I have learned and that I am always diligently seeking my sweet Lord!! Noah is a testimony to God's miracles! We had 5 embryos and the last one worked!!! The embryologist picked out the first two saying that they were the best...didn't work..then picked out the second best worked but didn't stick. Then the very last sweet little embryo was the one to make it!!! God had a plan b/c I had prayed many times about our embryos. I left it in God's hands on how many children we would have from the IVF process! I wasn't going to give up any of those precious embryos..those were all precious lives!! So we were not going to donate them or let them die!!! And the Lord answered our prayers!!! He always knows best!!
So this year, as I look back on what I have learned..I can't help but see God's hands all in this past year! Each thing has led up to Noah! And I am so in love with my baby Noah already. I am so thankful for him!! And as I look forward to what is yet to come, I pray God's hands are in everything still!!! I pray that the rest of this pregnancy is smooth and that the delivery is easy and Noah is one healthy bouncing boy!!! This year is the year that will change mine and Todd's lives forever!!! I can't wait to experience it all and for once in my life I am okay with things slowing down and for me to sit back and enjoy every second of what is to come!!!! Thank you Lord! I could never thank you enough!!! BRING ON 2010!!!

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