Sunday, December 27, 2009


I just filled out some of Noah's baby book and I had so much fun doing it! There are several sections of before birth that I thought I better get done so that I won't get behind. There was a place for ultrasounds and I put the embryo picture and the 19 week u/s on it! I had more u/s pictures but they wouldn't fit so I am going to just keep them with the book. I am still looking for a box for the book to go in. It didn't come with a box and I know I will have more things that I want to keep with the book!

Today is 21 weeks!!! I haven't taken a picture yet b/c I have been in my pajamas all day and not looking so hot. I may get Todd to take just a belly picture later on tonight! As long as he doesn't get my oily face in the picture! This boy has made my face oily..hehe It has been good for my hair b/c it is making in shiny :D Thanks sweet Noah!! I am nesting BIG time and wish I could have my showers sooner than later. I want to get everything done yesterday!!!! I was psyched b/c my sis in law is letting us borrow some of her kiddos old clothes! I was able to go through them today and they are oh so cute! I think I only put back like 6 outfits and kept the rest. Now I just need to mark the tags and wash them! She even had some swimming trunks in there..tooo cute!!! I hope we get the chance to take Noah swimming this summer. I am sure it will be late summer but it will be a fun experience! Todd and I still haven't decided when or if we will take a vacation next year! We usually go to Florida for a week in the summer, but since Noah is coming in May, we are not sure if we will do our usual trip. I would love to go, but I am not sure how much fun a newborn in the super heat will work out!!

Lately, I have been getting heartburn really easily! I can just think about eating and I get heartburn. Thankfully, it isn't bad and I usually can handle it. Every now and then I will take something, but I try not to take anything! I have been craving anything and everything salty!!! My belly is getting bigger and I am scared to say that I think I have gained about 17 lbs since before pregnancy! I may go by the doctor's file on my weight b/c they started weighing me much later so it doesn't seem like I have gained as much weight! I don't mind gaining weight I just hate it on face doesn't carry extra weight well. I want it all to go to the belly :D Don't we all!!! HA

Noah is pretty active at night, but today he has been active throughout the day and I am LOVING it!! It reassures me every time I feel my little man moving. Todd kinda felt him move last week, but I am ready for him to really feel him moving. Today I read Noah a book called..Guess how much I love you! I plan to read it to him A LOT!! I think he liked it :D I know Maggie did, she just sat beside me and looked at me while I read it! Oh and Todd sang to Noah the other night! This child has been exposed to tons of music b/c the music on our ipod is very eclectic! From classical to old school like the temptations!!!

Tonight I am planning on cooking some spaghetti. I haven't been up for much cooking since I have been pg. It is hard for me to eat after I cook. So Todd and I have been eating out alot and now we need to start eatin at home more...BOOOO!!! I hope I can eat it after I cook it!!! Well, that is what has been going on with me!!! I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the last week of 2009!!

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